The Auburn Uniform Database started in the summer of 2013, originally designed to document each and every uniform worn by the Auburn men's basketball program. This quickly became a bigger project than expected, specifically with researching quality photographs of older teams being tough to come by with a limited range of research material. The project was eventually subsided due to difficulty in research.

Even though I was no longer actively researching basketball uniforms, I still felt the urge to write about Auburn uniforms. I wrote the "Wearing White Late in the Season" piece and sent it in to Uni-Watch and noticed a large increase in viewership. I hated to just leave this site in the dust, so I started doing weekly Auburn football uniform matchup pieces to keep the site alive. Those were a decent hit, and I then started the Dissecting Auburn Uniforms series.

These weekly columns kept content on the site, and a following soon resulted, on this site and my personal Twitter account. Soon enough, uniform trackers of various sports began, and more information regarding Auburn's uniforms was flowing my way. Basketball uniforms is an on-going research, and baseball, softball, and football soon joined in. I'm proud to have every single Under Armour uniform worn by these four sports documented and available on the site.

I have had many opportunities open up because of my ventures associated with this site. As mentioned above, my Twitter account has grown to encompass a great deal of the Auburn Family, and I'm proud to be associated with many wonderful people there. Many of these followers have shared their athletic-related stories, opinions on past and present Auburn uniforms, and many other conversations over the previous years. Through all this, I've been able to constantly learn about Auburn and uniforms of the past.

The uniform world is rapidly growing, and I'm glad I can be a part of it. I'm glad I've gotten to do what I have already, and meet and educate the people I have. I'm excited for what the future of this site has in store.

Thanks for always reading and supporting my content!
War Eagle!

Clint Richardson


If you would like to get in contact with me, it's really not that hard. Twitter is the easiest way to get in touch with me. You can always e-mail me, which will be listed below, but it may take a while to get back to you. Twitter is more immediate for me. I'm always free to give some advice, my opinion, or some feedback regarding uniforms and possible concept art. Just contact me with whatever you have!

Clint Richardson