Monday, February 19, 2018

Auburn Women Sport New Pink Basketball Uniforms

Just about every female athletic team wears a pink uniform for a game nowadays. It's most popular on the women's basketball front. Auburn has been no exception to this, but the Tigers debuted a new design this past week.

auburn womens basketball pink uniform
(image via Anthony Hall, Auburn Athletics)

The pink uniform craze has grown as the fascination with uniforms has expanded. The special alternate designs have been used to represent and honor a specific demographic for many years now. Currently, the majority of the women's basketball pink uniforms are supporting the Kay Yow Cancer Fund with the #Play4Kay motto. Simply search the hashtag on Twitter and you will find numerous photos of team uniforms along with many that have been touched and inspired by the new tradition.

Auburn is no stranger to the pink uniforms. The first time the Tigers sported the pink duds was in 2011 against Mississippi State. The uniforms were a very light shade of pink and featured two stripes down the side of the jersey that crossed on the shorts to form a ribbon shape. The space underneath the ribbon crosses was colored in with a light grey color and housed the AU logo.

auburn womens basketball pink uniforms 2018
Janiah McKay dribbles down the court in Auburn's new pink uniform.
(image via Anthony Hall, Auburn Athletics)
Those original pink uniforms were worn for seven seasons. The default design worn by the Tigers had changed multiple times since then, but the special extra set had not. As the newer uniforms were tighter and more form fitting, the old pinks were larger, looser, and baggier. It was an odd contrast between the different sets worn.

For the 2017-18 season, though, the Tigers broke out a brand new pink uniform. The new uniforms were a much richer shade of pink, which is a big improvement. The entire set is trimmed in dark grey and white, mostly in a unique striping pattern. A pink ribbon is placed on the waistband and back of the jersey. The uniform itself looked a lot better and more intriguing than the previous design.

One odd visual aspect to this set is the wordmark and numbers. They're all white, with no contrasting color outline, unlike the other uniforms worn. They look a bit bloated without the extra color. A blue outline, I think, would have made this design look a lot better.

This uniform design was actually worn by a few teams this past weekend. Under Armour provided Cal, Cincinnati, and Boston College with the same design. Boston College actually wore a grey version of the uniform, with pink trims. Interestingly, Cal and BC wore pink versions of their conference patches. Auburn wore a traditionally colored SEC patch. Cincy did not wear a conference patch. Also, Cal and Boston College wore player names on the back of the jerseys, whereas Cincinnati and Auburn did not.

Auburn wore their pink uniforms twice this past weekend, losing to both #13 Missouri and Alabama.

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