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2017 Fall Apparel Line

The new season is so close. The first games begin in just a few days. Auburn's first home game is this coming Saturday. But what will you be wearing? What will you be purchasing this year? Here, we take a look at all the new items that will be filling the shelves at your favorite stores in Auburn. Most of the products, images, and prices are from the AUTeamShop website. Prices and selection may vary depending of store.

Do remember that this is not the entire selection of products available this season. The stores will typically carry more than is ever available online. Plus, once the season goes on, stores get more in stock.

auburn clothing under armour shirt polo hat
If you would like to purchase any of these products, most of them are listed online. You can follow the affiliate link here to place an order, and a percentage of the sale will support the Auburn Uniform Database. You can also click on most of the images to reach the specific item's online page.


As is tradition here, we start from the top and work our way down. Like each year, Under Armour design a single look throughout most of their products, and just change out colors and place logos where needed. This year's hat design features a dot matrix of sorts, somewhat in the shape of raindrops, running down the sides of the bills of the caps. As always, these hats come in all three colors (orange, blue, white) and come in fitted and adjustable styles. They're priced at $34.99.

auburn under armour hat

There's also a simpler, plain hat this season. It will (eventually) be available in each color and will be priced at $34.99. (Only the blue version is listed online. Expect white, orange, and grey in stores.)

auburn under armour hat

The visors this year don't carry the same pattern as the sideline cap, instead going traditional and plain. These will be priced at $28.99.

auburn under armour visor hat gus malzahn

Anders Bookstore has shown a few other hats that will be available this season. The first is a blue crown, with a grey heathered bill, featuring the old-school block A on the front for $34.99. The other is an all grey heather cap with the Tiger Eyes logo, which will cost $35.99.

auburn under armour hat

It's a very popular trend for hats lately - abbreviations. The favorite "AUB" and "WDE" hats are also available online from Top of the World for $21.99.

auburn hat

J&M Bookstore showcased a new version of an old classic - the white and navy baseball cap that was traditionally paired with the pinstripe uniforms. This design was previously offered only in a fitted style, but will now be available in an adjustable style. $29.99

auburn hat baseball
(image via J&M Bookstore)

Under Armour's polo line has arguably been one of the more unique aspects to each year's catalog. The Baltimore company has enjoyed playing around with sublimated graphics in the past, and this year is no different. A Transformer-like image is visible on the main polos. Most of this year's polos will have a small rubber patch on the sleeve, indicating the calendar year the school was established. The main sideline polos will cost $83.99 a piece.

auburn under armour polo

A secondary line of polos includes thin horizontal stripes. These come in two-color sets (there's also an orange version available), but a separate style with three, larger stripes is also available. These will also cost $83.99.

auburn under armour polo

There's also a line of polos that feature the newly popular heather pattern across the entire product. A navy and greenish-grey version have been released already. Both feature tone-on-tone Auburn and Under Armour logos, so they won't be as loud and in your face as many of the other designs. Again, these will be priced at $83.99.

auburn under armour polo

There are a lot of non-Under Armour polos available this season. There's a handful of different companies represented among these shirts, but I'm most interested in a new (to me) brand - Original Retro Brand. They have a plain white polo with the old Sailor Aubie logo on the chest. Best of all, it won't break the bank. This polo will cost $39.99.

auburn polo


This is my favorite part of the line. I love seeing the new t-shirt designs each and every year. This year, I think there's a lot of great shirts, but also a lot that aren't so great. Let's start with this year's sideline/athlete shirt. Under Armour has loved pushing Auburn's Northwestern stripes over the years, and they continue to do so this season. The new primary shirts will feature the AU logo front and center with the striping extending out from each side, fading away to the sides of the chest. The shirt has some odd seam pattern, different than most other Under Armour shirts. These will run at $41.99.

I must warn that these shirts may not be the most comfortable. One person was not happy with their purchase, saying the sleeves were incredibly tight and uncomfortable due to the odd stitching pattern. More so than with any other shirt, be sure to try this one on before purchasing if you can.

auburn under armour shirt

There's also a long sleeve version of the striped shirts. These will naturally be a little more expensive, costing $46.99.

auburn under armour shirt

If you don't like the extra design aspects and want a simple shirt to showcase your fandom, these next ones are for you. Enjoy the Under Armour material with a simple AU logo large and in charge in the middle of the shirt, in either blue, orange, white, or grey. These will be priced at $31.99, so unless you just really like Under Armour, you can get this design much cheaper elsewhere.

auburn under armour shirt

Released back in the spring, there looks to be a new template that features the school name, the striping, and the specific team. Hopefully these will be used more this season, showcasing each sport. If previous years are any indication, we might only see baseball and football showcased. With a large contingency of softball and basketball fans, among others, I hope more styles are available to purchase. If not, they might be just for the athletes like previously.

auburn under armour shirt

The worst of the shirts, in my opinion, is the stacked design. Rather than having one logo on each side, creating a balanced look, Under Armour decided to put both their own logo and the team logo one on top of the other. I don't see this shirt selling well, as it's a poor design, and it's also priced online at $44.99, more expensive than the primary sideline shirt.

auburn under armour shirt

Under Armour has been great with the retro logo merchandise in recent years. This season, there will be a few more new shirts available. There's the simple blue shirt with the eagle through the A, the eagle-A logo with the arched text, and (my favorite) the old two-bar grey facemask helmet. Each of these designs will cost $34.99.

auburn under armour throwback shirt

Anders Bookstore has once again showcased designs not found elsewhere. The first showcases the AU logo above two stripes, which is rather similar to Nike's primary design for the year. The other has "Auburn Tigers Pride" written in a unique font. Each are priced at $32.99.

auburn under armour shirt

The Original Retro Brand also has a few t-shirts available, one with the eagle-A logo, and the Sailor Aubie logo. You'll pay $29.99 for each of these designs.

auburn throwback shirt

The Original Retro Brand also has a few shirts that honor the 1957 National Championship team, as this is the 60th anniversary of the team. These will also cost $30.00.

auburn throwback shirt

2017 marks the 125th anniversary of the beginning of the Auburn football program. Much like the 75 years of Jordan-Hare Stadium logo from 2014, the 125 Years logo will not be worn on the football uniform, and might not be used whatsoever inside the stadium. But it will be available on some merchandise. This Fanatics Brands t-shirt is a great way to showcase the logo. It's also cheap, only costing $24.99.

auburn 125 year

For more women's specific wear, be sure to check out the Auburn University Bookstore, as they always carry more items.

auburn women shirt
(image via AU Bookstore)
Under Armour has a new "Iconic Collection" line, meant to honor the tradition and past of collegiate programs. Anders Bookstore is apparently the only bookstore that will have these in-store. Currently, we only have visuals on a few of them, but expect to see many more styles throughout the season. Also, the other schools participating in the program have men's products along with the women's styles. Expect Auburn to get those as well.

auburn under armour shirt


As has been the case the last few years, there are only a few select numbers available for purchase on jerseys. Even if you want to customize one, you are now stuck using the predetermined jersey numbers. This year's numbers include 1, 2 for Cam Newton, 17 for the year, and 34 for Bo Jackson. Pat Sullivan's number 7 was available last year. Each is available in either white or navy.

This year, Under Armour is once again providing a better quality jersey. These "premium" style jerseys feature the embroidered numbers, stripes, and logos. They run a bit pricier, but are truly worth the price. I would highly suggest anyone interested in purchasing a jersey goes with this style. They will withstand more and you won't have to worry about the details cracking if you put it in the dryer like on the screen-printed versions.

Screen-printed jerseys will cost $94.99 for me, $84.99 for women sizes, and youth jerseys will cost about $64.99. Premium jerseys start at $105, and I believe are only available in men's sizes.

auburn under armour jersey
(image via AU Bookstore)

There are a lot of new items available in the outerwear category, for both men and women. And don't worry, I'm sure that the designs listed as "men's" will also be available in women's styles at some point.

The first hoodie shown has the Northwestern stripes around the bottom. I imagine this to be the athlete-issued outwear item for the season.

Naturally, these run at different prices. They range between $46.99 to $179.99, with most sitting around the $80 mark.

auburn under armour jackets

auburn under armour jackets


This year hasn't seen nearly the number of shorts as has been available in previous years. Only one pair has been added to the AUTeamShop site, while the other two come from Anders Bookstore. The grey set is priced at $42.99, the blue and grey pair is priced at $X, and the blue and orange pair will cost $62.99.

auburn under armour shorts

Previous khaki short designs have featured a blue and orange AU logo. But this year, the AU logo has gone khaki as well, creating a not-so-loud tone-on-tone look. $74.99

auburn under armour shorts khaki
(image via Anders Bookstore)

This year's tennis shoes mark a big first for Under Armour - school logos. Since Under Armour has been releasing shoes to the public, the individual school's have never had their logos present. The base of the shoes are covered in a heathered pattern. It feels a little lacking on orange, though.

The shoes have been a very popular topic on Twitter. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little while before being able to pick these up. Shipments to all the stores have been delayed a few times now. The best case scenario has today is that they will be available in mid-September or October. There is also concerns now that they might not even make it to stores period. Fingers crossed.

Under Armour's website does have the shoes listed online and - at the time of writing this - has them in stock. Not sure if they will suffer from the same shipping issues that the retail stores are dealing with. Under Armour's site has them listed at $109.99, which is a good bit lower than the $130 price point from previous years.

auburn under armour shoes
(image via Auburn Football)
If you want a new pair of Auburn-branded Under Armour shoes today, though, you can always pick up the new set of slides. These loud-orange flippers feature the Northwestern stripes on the soles with the AU logo on the top. They run at $44.95.

auburn under armour shoes


Auburn is one of four schools this season to use special Wilson-made footballs. One panel of the football will feature a sublimated Tiger Eyes logo and the AU emblem. It will cost you $130 to pick up the same ball that will be thrown around Pat Dye Field this season.

auburn football


I typically wouldn't think to add backpacks to this list, but there were so many recently added online that I felt it was worth it. The traditional backpack looks awfully similar to the same one offered the last few years. It comes in four different colors and will be priced at $67.99.

auburn backpack under armour
(image via AU Bookstore)
The typical string backpack also looks like previously offered styles. It's priced at $34.99.

auburn backpack under armour

There are two styles of duffel bags available online. The first is the traditional box design, and will run at $89.99. The other is rounded, costs $42.99, and looks perfect to fit a popular Pokemon meme.

auburn backpack under armour

The most interesting item available here is what is being called a "Downtown Backpack." The design is different than the rest, as it has a single flap on tap to cover everything. This one will cost $79.99.

auburn backpack under armour


auburn family
One of the prizes offered during #AuburnFamilyFriday
(image via Auburn - Love it! Show it!)
There's a brand new promotion out of Auburn this season. Actually, it's from the Auburn Licensing and Trademark Office. #AuburnFamilyFriday is going to be every Friday throughout the year. It's a way for Auburn fans to not only share their Auburn gear, but also possibly get free merchandise. For the first weekend of the promotion, a special "Auburn Family" decal was given out for any officially licensed purchase at specific locations. Another week saw a new cap from Legacy Athletic. The official Auburn - Love it! Show it! site, the Licensing Office's campaign site, has the Legacy Athletic hat as a contest prize for every Friday throughout the season.

There might be more prizes offered throughout the year. To enter, all you have to do is post a picture wearing or using an officially licensed Auburn product, post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and tag it with #AuburnFamilyFriday. Read more about the promotion on the official site and follow on Twitter.

So there you have it - the majority of the products that you will find in stores this year. Don't forget, the online stores will have different products than the brick-and-mortar stores. And each physical store will have different options from each other. Be sure to visit each store - Anders, J&M, Tiger Rags, AU Bookstore, AUTeamShop - when you make a trip to the Loveliest Village on the Plains.

For even more Auburn gear, be sure to check out the Auburn Uniform Database shop. Multiple designs are available on many different products, including t-shirts. Your purchase goes back to support this site. Be sure to follow the Auburn Uniform Database for more apparel releases throughout the year. Like the AUD Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter for even more uniform news.

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