Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Auburn Soccer Kits

The 2014 season saw the Auburn Soccer program break out some new kits that featured the football team's infamous Northwestern Stripes across the chest, in a typical soccer sash style. Last year, the team added a new orange set for the goal keepers to match the rest of the team. The upcoming season, which starts with an exhibition match against Alabama on August 11th, will see the Auburn Tigers sporting another new set of uniforms, albeit with slight changes from the previous set.

Senior Samantha Solaru sports Auburn Soccer's new blue kit. (photo via @AuburnSoccer)

The overall design is very similar from last year's sets. One of the biggest changes is the removal of the "armpit stripes," shoulder blade circle that muddied the jersey designs, and short stripes. The sleeve cuffs and short leg cuffs were enlarged and changed from white to orange - on the blue kits - and the collar now is contrasting the body of the jersey.

While the noted changes helped with the overall flow of the kits, the best change was made to the sash stripes. The old set featured stripes that didn't follow the correct Northwestern Stripe design, rather having a large center stripe and extremely tiny outer stripes. The stripe has been fixed to a better ratio, a truer Northwestern Stripe, and looks tremendously better.

Freshman Katie Hickman poses with the team's new kits, but is wearing plain
blue socks rather than the orange and white striped pair the rest of the
 team wore for picture day. (Photo via @AuburnSoccer)
A new pair of socks also seem to be part of the new kits. Last year's set featured two colored stripes of the same size, but the new pair has a smaller white stripe on top of a larger orange stripe. The Under Armour logo also seems to be placed a bit lower.

Team photo day was recently, so we only got a chance to see the blue team and orange goal keeper kits. It's interesting to see that the goal keepers got the new design in time with the team, as they just got the striped sash kits last season, a full year after the rest of the team originally received the new design. Looks like we'll have to wait til the season starts to have a look at the white kits and see any other changes made.

Alyse Scott showcasing the new orange goal keeper kit (photo via @AuburnSoccer twitter)
Take a comprehensive side-by-side look at the kit changes below -

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