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2016 Fall Under Armour Lineup Overview

As happens every year, Under Armour has a new lineup of merchandise for the upcoming athletic season. Last year wasn't the strongest for Under Armour, but this year looks to have a bit more potential. The majority of these products, images, and prices come from the AUTeamShop.

2016 Under Armour Auburn


As always, we'll start from the top. This year's sideline cap features a unique slanted stripe on the bill of the cap. Can't say I'm a big fan of it, but it's easily an improvement on some of the recent hat designs. These designs come available in adjustable and fitted versions. These are priced at $32.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour hats caps

It is nice to see Under Armour do something different, as many of the previous designs have just featured slight tweaks over the years. Also, gotta love the contrasting color squatchee!

The same design with the odd bill stripe is also used for the visors. For now, the website only showcases blue and white versions, but I would expect to see an orange one in the stores. It is odd that the white visor features an orange AU logo with a blue outline, whereas the white cap features the normal blue and orange logo. These will run at $28.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour visors

Under Armour also has a plain style hat, again available in fitted and adjustable styles. These are extremely similar to the hats released last year, possibly with just a new material if anything. Again, the website only showcases white and blue versions, but there probably is an orange version available, too. These will run a little cheaper than the other hats at $24.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour caps hats


Under Armour loves to do some crazy things with their polo designs, relatively speaking. Last year had the weird sublimated arrow. Under Armour has recently been pushing a "heathered fabric" that features a unique pattern. That fabric and pattern don the shoulders, sleeves, and collar of the new sideline polos. Grabbing the newest polos will cost you $79.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour polos

The heathered fabric doesn't look very off-putting in these promo photos, but it's very noticeable in these photos from the AU Bookstore.

2016 Auburn Under Armour polos - Auburn Bookstore
Photo via @AU Bookstore 
In addition to the sideline polo, there are two different styles of "pinstripe," per say, polos. The first, dubbed the "showdown" polo by Under Armour, features horizontal pinstripes on the sleeves and body, and vertical striping on the chest area. These are priced at $79.99

2016 Auburn Under Armour polos

The second style, what Under Armour is calling "Kirkby," is just horizontal striping throughout the entire piece. The website lists two versions available - navy and black. Again, wouldn't be surprised to see an orange version. These are slightly cheaper than the "Showdown," priced at $69.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour polos


This is when things get fun. Just like the polos, Under Armour enjoys going a little crazy with the t-shirts. This is where I see this year's line being stronger than last. Last year's designs weren't necessarily bad, but there were a few items that really hurt the line overall. From what's already available, this year is a big improvement.

Let's start with the athletes' shirt. Each year Under Armour picks a design to hand out to every athlete. These are very simple and feature a slanted stripe on the sleeves, very similar to the caps at the top of the page. Again, there is only a blue and white version listed online, but I expect to see an orange one, especially after you take a look at the sets below. These, and most of the shirts featured, will run at $39.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour shirt

This design is also available in long-sleeves, with all three colors. These will be $44.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour short sleeve

Alongside the athlete shirts, there's also a team shirt. Now, the website (and possibly all the stores) only showcases football, but you'll see athletes wearing their individual sport underneath the stripe. Under Armour has truly loved pushing Auburn football's uniform stripes, and I think these are some of the best they've released lately. These are priced at $29.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour shirt

These will also be available in long sleeves, and priced at $37.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour long sleeve

The next shirt is one of the latest designs released, and easily my least favorite. Auburn has used a logo very similar to this one a few times over the last few months, and I've never liked it. Why? Cause not only is it a poor design, it's nothing unique. This design motif is used so often there's even a site dedicated to proving it. So, needless to say, I wasn't happy to see it on a t-shirt. Granted I really love the circle stripes on the bottom, I'd love to see it around something completely different. This shirt will cost you $32.99, if you really want it.

2016 Auburn Under Armour shirt

Along with the new logo designs, Under Armour has really enjoyed pushing the classic throwback logos. The next set is a mix of the two, with one old logo and one new(er). I've never really liked the eagle logo, but many people do by the feedback I've gotten on Twitter. I do like the Sailor Cap Aubie, although it doesn't seem to be as distressed as some other Under Armour shirts featuring the same logo have been in the past. Both of these cost $29.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour shirt

Probably the oddest design of the year features a two-tone shirt, with contrasting colored shoulders. I posted these to Twitter to get a reaction, and I didn't get a good reception back. I'm still split on whether I like them or not, and of course some look better than others. They'll cost $39.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour shirt

Oddly enough, there are more options available at the AU Bookstore than available online.

Finally, there's a few individual designs that have been released thus far. Due to the few variations, I've just lumped them together here. (Do note a few are youth sizes specifically.) They'll run anywhere from $32.99 to $44.99.

2016 Auburn Under Armour
Larger version here

Possibly the most popular item each year, the jerseys, are extremely similar to last year's set. This year, there will be three numbers to chose from, rather than the two last year. Don't get mad at Auburn, as this has become a normal choice from universities after the recent legal issues regarding using player likeness. Generic numbers are here to stay for a while, so be glad you have the choice between two of Auburn's greatest player numbers (the use of these numbers, especially the #34, on a modern template will be saved for another day, probably). Replica jerseys will cost $74.99 for adults, and $64.99 for youth sizes (although I have seen them at $84.99 and $75.99 recently).

The biggest update to the line of jerseys this year is the addition of a "premier" jersey. These were actually available in-store during the middle of last season, but they were never added online. These updated jerseys are a much better quality than the replica editions, as the numbers and lettering are all embroidered tackle twill, which is much closer to the on-field style than the older screen-printing option. These are a big upgrade in every option, and well worth the higher price tag. It's almost unbelievable they are offering these at a $104.99 price tag. I would highly recommend purchasing one of these rather than their cheaper counter-part.

2016 Auburn Under Armour jersey
Photo via @AndersBookstore
Another option for this season is sporting the name and number of past Auburn football players. These seem to be posted online at weird times, so watch out for other player options. These, sadly, are shown on the old Under Armour template, so don't expect the same quality from the current jerseys, even at the $109.99 price tag. (Please note that the $124.99 options were available last season, so they're older than the new bunch.)

2016 Auburn Under Armour jerseys

This year's shorts also carry the slanted stripe motif from the caps and team shirts. They're $54.99, so I hope they're comfy.

2016 Auburn Under Armour shorts


One of the best things, in my opinion, that Under Armour has done over the past year or two is release the shoes designed specifically for the athletes for sale to the public. Under Armour shoes get a bad rep for lack of support and other issues, but kudos to the guys in Baltimore for making their product better with every installment. Today's UA shoes are incredibly comfortable and a great choice in my eyes. Prices will vary, of course, but they'll run in the $130 range.


This is nowhere near being a full-look at the Under Armour products that are currently or will be available this season. Hopefully you enjoyed this look at a good portion of the new line this season. These items can be found online at the AUTeamShop, and in-store at any of the campus bookstores, including the AU Bookstore, Anders Bookstore, and J&M Bookstore.

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