Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Auburn Softball Uniforms

The Auburn Softball season has thankfully started back up. As the Tigers begin their #RoadToOKC campaign, the team will be sporting some new uniforms. Let's take a detailed look at each of the new uniforms.

Auburn Softball uniforms 2016
Kamp Fender / Eagle Eye News

All of the uniforms now match the design of the orange uniforms that debuted last year. Each features sublimated tiger stripes within the chest wordmark, the player number, and contrasting color fields around the sleeves and collar. The uniforms have also moved from featuring double outlines around the wordmark and numbers to the single outlines common throughout the rest of Auburn's team uniforms (excluding football, of course). The team also received new sets of game pants, with these featuring a thicker stripe down the legs than the previous sets. Also, the new pants have the Under Armour logo on the belt tunnel on the rather, rather than above the back pocket.

Thursday night against Appalachian State was the opening game and the Tigers wore their new white uniforms. These new white tops replace a set that were the only uniforms at Auburn to sport "Tigers" on the chest.

Auburn Softball 2016 uniforms Bre Fornis
Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics
Day two, the opening day for softball's Plainsman Invitational, saw Auburn sporting their orange tops from last year, but this time with a new set of blue pants. Last year's pair featured a white stripe down the side; the new pants showcase an orange stripe.

Auburn Softball 2016 Whitney Jordan
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics
Saturday saw the Tigers playing a double header in their new grey uniforms. These new grey alternates are significantly darker than the old set, even darker when seen in person. As the old white "Tiger" tops were replaced, the new grey uniforms will own the title of the only Auburn uniform to sponsor the University's athletic nickname. With these new grey tops featuring blue wordmarks and numbers with an orange outline, the orange tends to appear a bit neon-ish, similar to the different shade of orange the basketball team wore last year with the tiger stripe alternates. The Under Armour logo on the chest really showcases how odd the orange fits in with the darker grey.

2016 Auburn Softball Whitney Jordan
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics
The Sunday finale of the first Invitational of the season saw Auburn sporting their new blue tops. The only jersey to sport orange tiger stripe fields rather than blue, these tops really popped against the white pants. Oddly enough, the team wore the old white pants Sunday, rather than the new ones that they broke out Thursday night. As noted above, the Under Armour logo is above the pocket rather than on the belt tunnel.

2016 Auburn Softball Emily Carasone
Kamp Fender / Eagle Eye News
One small detail that might be over looked by the casual observer is the new SEC patch on the left sleeve. Previous seasons saw the Tigers wearing a blue patch with a white outline, the same patch the basketball team wore. The new jerseys sport a blue patch with an orange outline, the same patch worn by the football team (and what the basketball team, and I think all other teams, have switched to now). The new patch hasn't been added to the orange tops, as they still sport the old SEC patch.

Personally, I like this new set. I'm glad that the team kept "Tigers" in some fashion, as Auburn has really neglected using the nickname on athletic uniforms in recent years. I really like the previous grey set, and I'm glad the new uniforms aren't as dark as previously thought, but I think they're still a bit too dark. The lettering and numbering gets a bit lost being navy and the orange appearing neon bother me a bit, but I can live with it. I;m having a hard time choosing between the white and blue tops as my favorite. I'm currently leaning towards the blue jerseys, for the orange fields really pop and look fantastic on the diamond.

Here's the softball uniform tracker after the first week of play.

The Tigers travel to Clearwater, Fla, to compete in the UCF-hosted Michele Smith PCF Invitational. Auburn will play Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.