Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Auburn - Georgia Uniform Preview

A few tough losses in the previous weeks made Auburn's win against Texas A&M that much more enjoyable. Now we turn our attention to the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.

Georgia will be wearing their white jerseys for only the second time this entire season. Much like Auburn in recent seasons, the season just worked out for Georgia in the sense of wearing one jersey. Auburn has gone late into the season in 2013 and this year before breaking out the white jerseys. Georgia has only played in two true road games this season, and both featured the home team wearing alternate grey uniforms. Vanderbilt broke out their "Deep Sea" uniforms, which forced Georgia to wear red on the red. Tennessee wore their new Smokey Greys, but the Bulldogs wore their white tops as the grey was much darker than that of Vanderbilt's and contrasted well enough.

John Kelley / Auburn Athletics
The 'Dawgs did travel to Jacksonville, FL, to face Florida in their yearly rivalry game. Thankfully, the past few games have featured both teams in their home uniforms, which is always a treat. If Auburn and Alabama ever did a color-on-color Iron Bowl in the future, I would be so happy.

That's a lot of SpeedFlex helmets in one shot (John Kelley / Georgia Athletics)
Auburn returns home for a three-game stretch to end the season, each of which will presumably feature the Tigers in their traditional home uniforms. Prior to this weekend's trip to College Station, Auburn had only worn white twice, each featuring white accessories from head to toe. This week saw the Tigers finally mix that up a little bit, wearing blue gloves to contrast the white sleeves, socks, and cleats. I've been wanting to see blue base layer gear worn with the white jerseys all season, but this is a nice start. 

Previous Game Review

I mentioned in the Texas A&M preview piece that I would like to see the Aggies mix up their uniform combo against Auburn, but I'm glad they chose not to. The maroon/maroon/white uniform is such a wonderful look for them, and it contrasts well against Auburn's all white. 

As mentioned above, Auburn wore their new blue gloves with the white jerseys. I still think the sleeves should've matched, but I like that Auburn has been open to switching up the base layer combinations. 
Julie Bennett /
Have I mentioned how I prefer real grass over turf field? Well, I do, a lot. Turf ruins so much. Especially these kind of photos.

Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics

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