Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Under Armour Contract

I was tipped off a few weeks ago that this news was coming, and now it's official. Auburn and Under Armour have re-signed for a massive new deal.

The new deal does a lot for Auburn. The biggest thing it does is cement Auburn's placement at the top of Under Armour's list. Auburn was UA's first big name school that they signed, and in recent years it was pretty obvious that Auburn was falling down the totem poll, with other teams getting newer gear and the new football uniform template long before Auburn did.

Signs have been pointing to Auburn re-signing with Under Armour for a while now. The recent Under Armour reveal showcased Auburn in the newest template. It's hard to imagine the equipment staff ordering all the brand new gear when they would just be sitting through the lame duck season before switching to a new brand. The Tiger Tailgate, the annual season kickoff for the athletes, saw every single athlete receive a brand new set of shoes along with a new State of Auburn t-shirt. There's countless other small items that could also be listed, including the basketball team receiving new Steph Curry backpacks and the team will be one of the first teams to wear the Steph Curry shoes on the hardwood this season. A program that plans to leave a company like Under Armour wouldn't be on the top of the list for items like this.

Temple just recently announced their extension with Under Armour, extending their deal another 10 years. Cincinnati signed 10 year deal worth around $5 million per year earlier this season. Auburn's contract with Under Armour was discussed here back in December, in detail. The previous deal was signed in 2008, with Auburn receiving $4.3 million per year. With apparel contracts across the country increasing significantly over the last few years, Auburn's deal was left in the dust, and it continued to fall into the middle of the pack area as each new deal was signed. This new deal, like mentioned earlier, should help propel Auburn back to the top of this list.

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  • The new deal runs through the 2025 season.
  • According to the release on, the new deal will give a big leap to some smaller sports, such as golf, tennis, and track & field.
  • The new contract is worth $78.1 million ($8.68 million annually), landing Auburn just below the $90 million contract Notre Dame signed with Under Armour in 2014.
  • Annual product allotment has increased from $2.5 million to $4 million.
  • Auburn receives $10 million in Under Armour stocks, something I believe to be unique in terms of collegiate apparel contracts.

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