Friday, October 16, 2015

New Auburn Basketball Uniforms

Auburn basketball broke out new alternate uniforms last season, in what turned out to be a testing period for Under Armour's new template and tailoring styles. This year, to continue the three year uniform cycle the team has kept since signing with Under Armour in 2005, Auburn will wear a new set of uniforms, presumably retiring the Northwestern striped uniforms, as well as last year's alternate tiger striped unis.

Auburn teased the new uniforms on October 1, the same day the university announced the new Under Armour contract. The October 16th release date coincides with the Under Armour-wide reveals that include teams like first-year member of the Under Armour family Cincinnati.

Auburn's new uniforms are a throwback design, harking back to the Chuck Person-era uniforms. Coach Bruce Pearl is big on the history of the program, citing that Person, the assistant head coach, is an easy sell for recruits, for Person played and coached in the NBA, winning a championship in 2010 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The orange and blue stripes down the side of the uniforms are based off the design that Charles Barkley wore during his time on the Plains. The player numbers have changed to an athletic bold font, replacing the Copperplate font used since 2006. The chest wordmark has also changed from the Copperplate font that has donned many Auburn athletic uniforms since the start of the Under Armour contract.

These new uniforms come 29 days before the first game of the season against UAB. Pearl Jam, the pep rally signaling the start of basketball season is October 22, with two exhibition matches against Brevard College and Indianapolis on October 30 and November 5, respectively.

Under Armour revealed the new Cincinnati football uniforms, along with other teams under the UA banner upgrading to the new template, in August. Excluding last year's alternate uniforms, the last time Auburn revealed new uniforms was also part of an Under Armour announcement, where Auburn, Texas Tech, and Northwestern each announced their new designs.

You can view previous Auburn basketball uniforms from Under Armour here.


Here's a quick mockup of all three uniforms.

Update 2:

Here's a collection of photos, few from players' social media accounts
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