Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 Auburn - Ole Miss Uniform Preview

Halloween has the potential for some really spooky football games this season, with some great potential upsets on the schedule. Auburn comes in to the early morning game off a rough four overtime loss to Arkansas. Back home, the Tiger host an Ole Miss team that's tough to read, as they defeated Texas A&M this past weekend, and fell to now top 15 Memphis.

Ole Miss has always been a team that has stuck with their classic uniforms for years. Last season, the Rebels broke out their long forgotten powder blue helmets against Memphis. They auctioned off those helmets, so it was unknown whether they would ever be worn again or not. Ole Miss announced not long before the season started that they would wear the throwback helmets once again this year against Vanderbilt. Surprising everyone, the Rebels actually broke out their new old-fashioned lids on the road against Alabama, in which they defeated the Tide 43-37.

Joshua McCoy / Ole Miss Athletics
Ole Miss has worn their powder blue helmets three times this season, in wins against Alabama and Vanderbilt, and their upset loss to Memphis. Outside of their lovely alternate helmets, the Rebels have only repeated their uniform combo once this year (powder blue lids, white jerseys with red details, and grey pants). As much as I'd love to see a blue vs red matchup this Saturday, I know it won't happen, which means Ole Miss still has a decision to make on their road jerseys. They have two different white tops, one with red details and another with blue. The last time they came to Auburn, the Rebels went with their blue detailed tops, so hopefully they'll go with the red-trimmed white jerseys this weekend, for some contrast.

Joshua McCoy / Ole Miss Athletics
In 2013, Ole Miss slightly changed their uniforms up, the biggest changes being the two different white jerseys, and two new pairs of pants. The Rebels have a choice of two helmets and two road jerseys for this weekend, so why not have another choice with the pants? Ole Miss has their traditional grey pants that they've worn for a long time, as well as a new blue pair and white pair of pants, both of which have "REBELS" written down the pants leg. The blue pants were worn two years ago, the last time the Rebels traveled to Auburn. The grey pants were worn last year in Oxford.

After two weeks on the road, Auburn is finally back home. The road trips saw Auburn break out the white uniforms for the first time against Kentucky. Both games saw the Tigers go white from head to toe with the new white accessories that were standardized across the board this season. The last home game, against San Jose State, saw Auburn mix the accessories, with white socks and cleats and blue sleeves and gloves. I'm curious to see if they'll continue to mix the different elements again this weekend.

Past Game Review

What I enjoy about writing these types of reviews is that we don't concentrate on the results of the game here. There's many (too many) sites across the web that harp on how the game went and what could've, should've, and would've happened. Here, it's just the aesthetics of the game. And that will save a lot of heartache for myself and I presume many of you that read this.

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics
Regardless of the heart attacks we all suffered during the four overtimes last weekend, at least it was a pretty good looking game. This past weekend was a very red-heavy series of college football games, and the Auburn - Arkansas game was no difference. I've liked Arkansas's look since they redesigned their uniforms last year. Arkansas has yet to wear their white helmets this season, surprisingly. I figured they might debut them this weekend, but they stuck with their red helmets.

Auburn again went with the all white looks. The overcast Arkansas day kept us from seeing the reflection on the metallic orange helmet stripes, which many are thankful for.

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics
With Halloween coming up, be sure to check out my list of five uniforms worn on Halloween. A followup to this topic will be posted at Uni-Watch this weekend. Think you'll enjoy it for sure.

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