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2015 Auburn - Kentucky Uniform Preview

A bye week came at the right time for the Auburn Tigers. A 4-1 Kentucky team is also coming off a bye week after an overtime victory against Eastern Kentucky. As Auburn tries to bounce back after a 3-2 start, the Tigers travel to Lexington in what will be the first game of the season that they sport the white uniforms.

In Kentucky's five games thus far this season, the Wildcats have worn five different uniform combinations. The opening week game against Louisiana-Lafayette saw Kentucky in their traditional home uniforms, going with blue helmets, blue jerseys, and white pants. The week two game on the road at South Carolina was the inverse of the previous game, going white-white-blue. The Florida game is where UK started to change things up, breaking out the chrome helmets and grey pants, along with the blue tops. Missouri in week four saw the chrome blue helmets for the first time this season, along with the grey tops and blue bottoms. The last game that Kentucky played was against Eastern Kentucky, and once again saw the Wildcats in a pretty normal uniform combination, going white-blue-white.

Kentucky Athletics
Kentucky has enjoyed breaking out new uniform elements for big games. With this year's game being on Thursday night, in primetime, I would expect to see something new. There's been rumors of a new helmet or two since the summer, including what looks to be a matte white shell with grey chrome facemasks and decals.

Kentucky did make a small tweak to their logo this season, The school claims that each athletic team and all the gear will still don the old logo, while the new playing surfaces (new turf football field, basketball courts) will feature the new logo.

Thursday night will mark the first game of the season that Auburn will wear the brand new white tops. As mentioned many times, Auburn updated to the new Under Armour template, and we've already seen the blue jerseys for five games. Many people have wondered if this is the latest in a season that Auburn has broken out the white tops. It's close, but that record is actually held, in part, by the 2013 season, when the Tigers wore white for the first time on the road trip to Texas A&M. I wrote about it back then and you can read about it here.

Also mentioned before is that Auburn has standardized the base layers worn throughout the team. When Auburn revealed the new uniforms and new accessories in the off season, they only showcased the white uniforms with white accessories. We've seen the blue jerseys paired with each of the three sets of base layers, including a mixture of them (more on that in a bit). I'm sure we'll see Auburn wear all white from head to toe this week in Kentucky, but I'll be interested to see if they mix it up.

The last time Auburn and Kentucky met up was in 2010, Auburn's national championship season. That game saw an all-white vs all-blue uniform matchup, something I doubt we see again this Thursday, not with Kentucky's enjoyment of different uniform elements.

Bob Gathany / The Huntsville Times

Previous Game Review

The San Jose State game two weeks ago turned out to be a great looking match up. SJSU broke out their matte yellow helmets for the first time this season, and I loved them. The chrome decals on the helmets looked great in Jordan-Hare. The Spartans' star running back Tyler Evans got so much action that his nameplate started to fall off.

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Auburn decided to wear a mixture of the new base layer accessories. The new blue sleeves and gloves were matched with the white cleats and the (old) white socks. I have mentioned before that the white sleeves seem to clash with the blue tops, but work as a nice continuation of the pants, and vice versa, so this mixture was a good look, in my opinion.

Zach Bland/Auburn Athletics
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