Monday, October 19, 2015

2015 Auburn - Arkansas Uniform Preview

Auburn comes off a bye and defeats Kentucky on the road on a Thursday night. This weekend, Auburn faces the Arkansas Razorbacks, a team coming off their own bye week.

Last year was the first season Arkansas wore their new "husks" uniforms. With Arkansas starting the season off by traveling to Jordan-Hare, this week's game will mark the first time we see Auburn face off against their new red tops. Last year, Arkansas went white from head to toe. This season, they've only worn their red helmets and white pants. If the Razorbacks wanted to go full-on all-red, this would probably be the week for them to do so.

Arkansas QB Brandon Allen hands off to RB Jonathan Williams
Ben Goff / NWA Democrat-Gazette
Auburn will be on the road for the second straight game, meaning we get another look at the white jerseys. Thursday night against Kentucky saw the team go mono-white, including all white accessories. I would honestly like to see the blue base layer gear be worn this weekend, just to break up the monotony of all the white. Also, I'm curious to see how the morning sunlight reflects off the metallic helmet stripes, and see if it's any different than how it shined under the lights in Kentucky

Previous Game Review

Like mentioned above, last week's game was the first time this season that Auburn wore the white jerseys. Many people have asked if this game was the latest in the season that Auburn first wore the white jerseys. That record is still held by the 2013 team, in which it was the Texas A&M game, game seven on the schedule, that Auburn did not wear blue.

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The white jerseys looked great on the new template, as mentioned many times before. The stitch pattern is a lot more prevalent on this template than previous renditions, unfortunately. Also, it looked like the shoulders were a build with a bit more slack, as the they looked a little more broad than the blue jerseys, and the stripes seemed to sit lower than their blue counterparts.

Many people voiced their displeasure about the metallic orange helmet stripe not matching the orange in the rest of the uniform. This topic was mentioned before after the Louisville game, but I haven't heard much since then. I agree that the oranges did not match, but I'm not as picky in this manner as many other fans are. It comes with the territory in terms of the finish of the stripe, and I'm ok with that. I like how the helmet pops more with the stripe. Yea, it may be a bit extreme for Auburn, and the same effect with a brighter shade of orange might match better.

Julie Bennet /
Kentucky went with their blue pants and jerseys, as well as their silver chrome helmets. Here's some random trivia you can use against your friends one day - Thursday night featured the first time Auburn has faced off against a team wearing a chrome helmet.

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