Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Auburn - Mississippi State Uniform Review

Baton Rouge was not kind to Auburn, after the Tigers once again didn't play very well. Back at home this weekend, Auburn hosts Mississippi State in the first night game at Jordan-Hare Stadium of the season.

Like Auburn, Mississippi State updated their uniforms to a new template, the Shockweb 2.0 Primeknit. The new template features the dreaded tiretread pattern more than the previous set, which is the biggest downside of the new design. To help explain the MSU uniforms, I'll be using some graphics from my friend Paul Sullivan's website and twitter account, the Mississippi State Uniform Tracker (check out his site, he has some great information over there). 
As you can see, the changes are minor - like Auburn's changes. I like that the shoulder stripes are straighter and fit better into the shoulder caps, but not a fan at all of the removal of the TV numbers. The helmet logo has also changed a bit, which is a downgrade in my opinion.

If there's anything you need to know about the Bulldogs' uniforms, it's that the design is near perfect as is, but the minor tweaks that MSU and adidas have made over the last two years keep it from being a top uniform.

For Auburn, the only thing to be discussed is what color set of accessories the team will wear. The first three games of the season have seen the debut of each the orange, blue, and white accessories, so I would assume this weekend will show us what the default set for the home uniforms will be. Each set has been used in a different manner (orange for a big game in the Dome, white at home, and blue on the road in LSU), so it's hard to predict what they'll end up walking out of the tunnel with.

I have honestly been surprised with the reception each color set has received on twitter when I ask, so I'm interested what you have to think. Personally, I really like the orange set. It pops so much with the blue jerseys. The blue sleeves and gloves worn at LSU looked great and didn't interupt the sleeve stripes as much as the white and orange sleeves did. If Auburn were interested in mixing up the colors of each element, I'd love to see blue worn up top, with orange gloves and cleats worn.

Lastly, the SEC has dedicated select games to promote prostate cancer and honor former SEC commissioner Mike Slive by wearing special decals. Auburn and LSU both wore these decals this past weekend, and this coming game will see Auburn and MSU each wear them. You can read more about these games here.

Previous Game Review

The gameplay wasn't the best at LSU. But you can go anywhere else on the internet for game reviews. Here, it's the aesthetics of the game. The Auburn - LSU game is always one of the better looking games of the season, and Saturday didn't disappoint in that respect.

Auburn debuted the blue set of accessories in Baton Rouge, and they looked great. I mentioned it above, but I've really enjoyed each of these three "combinations," each for their own reasons. The orange popped, the white was a nice compliment to the pants, and the blue looked very natural. Many people on twitter have voiced their opinions on the lack of black socks and cleats, so they can take solace in the fact that the navy blue boots are fairly close to that of the black cleats. My only issue with the blue cleats (and this is just from noticing it on the broadcast) is that they have so much orange within the blue, that it actually took me a moment to realize they weren't wearing the orange cleats. I'd prefer to see the cleats a solid color, rather than the mix of the two.

War Eagle!

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  1. The new accessories look terrible in my opinion and starting to remind me of Terry Bowden. We have a classic uniform white socks and white or black shoes please. Black is not one of out colors so no black socks! Blaming this season on the new "accessories".