Monday, September 14, 2015

2015 Auburn - LSU Uniform Preview

After a close call with the wrong side of history Saturday, Auburn turns their attention to Louisiana. LSU comes off a close win of their own against Mississippi State, one in which the Tigers gave up thirteen fourth quarter points. Auburn will be facing history once again this weekend, as they attempt to win on the road in Baton Rouge for the first time since 1999.

This weekend's match-up might very well be the most historic, from a uniform stand point. Auburn hasn't worn white uniforms in Death Valley since the 1993 season, a game which Auburn won 34-10. For the last 22 seasons, Auburn and LSU have faced off in the same uniforms, except for that season LSU wore Pro Combat uniforms. I haven't done the research into other long standing college football match-ups, but I have to believe this one could be towards the tops in terms of identical uniform match-ups throughout the seasons.

For any of you that would like to see LSU wear their purple tops, sorry, not gonna happen. LSU only wears their purple jerseys against non-conference foes, except if it happens to be the first game of the season. Quick look at their schedule shows that the Tigers will be traveling up to Syracuse next week, which by the rule of thumb, would showcase LSU in their purple tops. (Shame Syracuse isn't very good anymore, because that would be a fun game to watch.)

If everything goes the same way they have for the last two decades or so, Auburn will be in their blue jerseys once again in Louisiana. The thing to look for when watching Auburn this season will be what color shoes, socks, and undershirts and sleeves the Tigers will be wearing. The unveiling during the summer had me thinking that orange and blue accessories would be worn with the blue uniforms, and white details worn with the white jerseys. Well, as we saw this weekend and Jacksonville State (more on this in a bit, too), that's not the case. Will be interesting to see what they wear on the road and with the blue tops.

On another thought, even know Auburn lost the 2013 rendition of this game, the last time they made the trip to Baton Rouge, the immense rain storm that drenched Death Valley the entire time produced one of my all-time favorite photographs. I wish I knew who took it in order to credit them, but I am not sure where I found this photo.

Don't hate, I absolutely love this shot.

Previous Game Review

Jacksonville State sure gave Auburn the scare of its life, taking the Tigers into overtime tied at 20. The Gamecocks wore white jerseys and pants with their red helmets featuring a a white tapering stripe, JSU on the left side of the helmet, and the player numbers on the right. The number font on the helmets was based off the JSU logo - some typeface similar to Futura, featuring some beveling and outlining - while the jersey numbers were straight from the adidas catalog, a font called Red Zone. The differences in the fonts bugged me, personally. I think the JSU number font would look good (without the beveling and outlines) on the jerseys, so the different font was a bit unnecessary.

Interestingly enough, through two games, Auburn has played two teams
that had asymmetric helmet designs, among other similarities. 

As mentioned above, Auburn wore their white accessories at home with the blue jerseys. Initially, I didn't think the combination would look all that great. After seeing players on the field, I thought it looked pretty good. The white socks and leg compression sleeves were a nice continuation of the pants, but were a bit odd in that sense with the sleeves. The compression sleeves and gloves looked good, as well, since they didn't connect directly to the orange and blue shoulders. That's my thought process behind them, for what it's worth.

I'm curious to know what you thought about the set of white accessories? Leave a comment down below with your opinions.

War Eagle!

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