Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 Fall Auburn Gear

As the new season draws closer, Under Armour and other companies are releasing new gear for each team. New Auburn gear has been revealed throughout the summer, with more coming each day. Before you head down to the Plains to shop around for your new shirts and hats, take a look through this guide to know what to expect. Most of these items were found on The AUTeamShop, whereas some were found at other sites.


Last year, Under Armour provided three different styles of caps in Auburn colors. This year, there's only two. The first of which is a plain colored hat - in orange, white, or blue - with a contrasting AU logo. The second is a tweaked version of last year's sideline cap (the same design has been slightly tweaked over the last few years), this time with a two colored stripe around the bill and partly up the the side panels.

There are two styles of visors available also, each of which playing off the same design as the caps above.

Each of the caps come in a fitted and adjustable style, with the visors only being adjustable. In addition to these, there's an adjustable cap with a contrasting bill, as well as a fitted cap with a "steel" pattern that looks like a digi camo pattern. The hats featured here range from $27.95 to $34.95.


Under Armour has revealed a new base polo design that has a unique V-shaped pattern on the chest. Jordan Spieth made this design popular after his win at the Masters, but these were already revealed for Auburn before then. The back of the polos feature WAR EAGLE written down the middle. There is also a white version available.

Another new polo design has an contrasting shoulder yoke stripe. Unfortunately, there's only one photo available.

The typical horizontal striped polo is a really nice look this season.

All of these polos will retail at $79.99.

Two more polos, both will sell at $54.95, one of which has the State of Auburn logo on the chest, while the other has an AU logo with Auburn Tigers arched over it.


As always, t-shirts will continue to be pushed out like there's no tomorrow. Under Armour has many new shirts available for this fall, some of these actually revealed in the spring.

The first set of shirts are my favorite of the season. The top two are the same simple design, but it looks really good. The bottom left is my favorite by far. I love that Under Armour has been utilizing the Northwestern stripes so much lately, and I love how they used it here. The final shirt has a unique font, but it isn't too off-putting.

One of the designs Under Armour keeps going back to this season is a sort of wool detailing, for lack of a better word. This design has been seen on a few shirts and shorts before. Now, we have two Auburn shirts with the design.

The only "full set" at this point has a giant AU logo on the chest and a contrasting collar. I spotted these in the bookstore during the spring, and they felt more like a jersey than a t-shirt. The material didn't seem comfortable at all, let alone cool during the summer heat. I'm personally not a fan of these.

One of the bigger motifs used this season is the Auburn Oaks design. Under Armour has revealed a few designs, with more available from other companies.

Under Armour has been big on old school designs, and their Auburn shirts have been great.

Finally, there's an athletic shirt with some different piping and stripes down the side. Also, there's a new digi camo designed shirt.

All of these shirts retail from $29.95 to $44.95.


As the football team has updated to a new Under Armour template, the retail jerseys have as well. In the past few years, the retail stripes have been truncated, just like the team jerseys. For the first time since 2010, the retail jersey stripes go all the way around the sleeves, which looks worlds better. After the 2010 championships, two stars were added to the bottom hem of the jerseys, above the jock tag. Those two stars have now been moved to the opposite side of the tag. With the release of Under Armour's most recent baseball and basketball jerseys, the materials have been rather thin, and felt pretty cheap. They're much lighter than they should be, and used to be. I've held the new jerseys, and they seem to be much better quality than the baseball and basketball jerseys. But just be mindful of that when you shop for one. Especially since the price has increased once again, from $75.99 last year (and $65 the year before) to $80 this season. Many teams have decided to sell generic numbers, due to recent legal issues, and Auburn is one of those teams. The three numbers available are #1, like always, #15, for the 2015 season, and Bo Jackson's #34. Some stores still have stock from last season, which include Pat Sullivan's #7. Youth size jerseys are available and will sell for $59.99.


The Gus Vests have been ever popular since Malzahn came back to the plains. This season, Under Armour took the Northwestern stripes and put them down the sides. An orange and blue version are available now, but I wouldn't be surprised if a white one is soon. These current sweaters are a lighter material - not a true sweater vest - and therefore are much cheaper, only $64.99.

Photo via Auburn Football Facebook page.

These are certainly just a small selection in the long line of gear that will be available throughout the season. I will continue to share any new designs I see on my twitter account, so be sure to follow. I hope this piece helps you pick a few items before making a trip to Auburn, cause we all know how crazy the bookstores can get on gameday.

War Eagle!

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