Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Auburn - Louisville Uniform Preview

Guess what? It's finally game week! Another long summer has come and gone, and football is just a few days away. The return of football brings the third year of the weekly Uniform Previews, which gives a quick rundown of the current uniforms worn by Auburn's opponents. With the weekend fast approaching, let's turn our attention to Atlanta.

For the second time in the history of the game, Auburn will start the season in Chick-fil-a's ACC vs SEC Kickoff Game, this time against the Louisville Cardinals. One of the interesting parts of this game is that both teams will be breaking out new uniforms. Now, Auburn has only been updated to the newest Under Armour template (we'll discuss this in a ton of detail [as I always do here] later in the season, but for a quick rundown of the details, you can see it all right here), so don't worry about anything drastic.

As for Louisville, you already know what they're wearing. It was all over the place. Regardless, I'm still posting it here. The first uniforms revealed in a series of unfortunate designs by adidas, Louisville's "Uncaged" uniforms got a lot of attention for sure. The uniforms feature chrome "duct tape" silver numbers and shoulder details, what looks like a bird wing or something. The pants feature some rather large Old English "L" logos on the hips, something adidas and Louisville have been using for their baseball uniforms. Arguably the most shocking element of these uniforms are the helmets. The lids feature the Old English "L" on the right side in the typical adidas chrome finish. The left side is where things get a little nuts. Louisville has always been given a tough time because their cardinal head logo has teeth. Well, they decided to forgo their traditional logo (for some reason) for this game and replaced it with a realistic illustration of a cardinal. The yellow eyes are what turn me off to the design. Ever since the reveal, I've referred to this design as "Laser Chicken," and I will certainly continue to do so.

With adidas's recent trend of very poor promotional photos of their new uniforms (seriously, let's fix this guys. That background is hideous), I know it can be difficult to see the details of these uniforms. Because of that, I went ahead and rendered the uniform on a template. It's not perfect, the poor photos aren't easy to work with, but it's a good idea at what we'll be seeing this weekend.

For Auburn, the Tigers will be wearing their blue tops. I mentioned earlier there were a few changes and that I'd go in to much more detail at a later date, but here's a quick run down of things to expect. The new template allows for the shoulder and pant stripes to be larger and fuller than previous seasons. The helmet stripes and facemasks have been given a chrome finish to them, something Auburn hopes will show up better during the night games. In an attempt to create more uniformity across the players, only allowing certain accessories with each uniform. The blue uniforms, for the most part, will be accented with blue and orange accessories.

Here's a template rendering of Auburn's uniforms for this weekend. Like with Louisville, the bowl patch placements are a guess on my part, putting them both in the most likely position they will be placed. (I do love the patches being back in a "normal" position, and not underneath the Under Armour logo like in recent years)

Check back each week as I preview each uniform match up of the week. I'll also be keeping a uniform tracker for the season, mainly keeping track of the uniform for both teams. Before I finish this piece, I'd like to give you an update of recent things happening around the site:

  • Just last week I released my massive yearly project of documenting each and every college football uniform change that happened over the summer. It's certainly worth checking out.
  • Auburn fans, before you make your trip(s) to Auburn this season, know what merchandise will be available. Here's a list of most of the new Under Armour gear. Also, know the difference between the new retail jerseys and the ones leftover from previous season. Many stores are selling both editions on the same racks for the same price.
  • Alternate uniforms are always a topic, so what would be the best way for Auburn to make one, if they were to break out a brand new design? This piece goes through the details of "building" a new uniform over multiple seasons in order to honor the designs worn by past Auburn football teams.
  • I tried to predict what each opponent will wear against Auburn this season. With news of one team changing their uniforms a bit (you'll see in the coming weeks), my predictions are already a bit off. 
  • Every single Under Armour uniform for Auburn baseballbasketball, and football have been added to the site. Softball uniforms have also been added, but not to the degree of the former sports. 
  • The basketball court designs and football fields have been updated to a new template. Also, bowl game field designs have been cleaned up and also updated to a new template.
I'll be making the trip to Atlanta for the game and spending all weekend in town. I hope to make it to the College Football Hall of Fame. If you're in town and run in to me, please do say hi!

War Eagle!

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