Monday, June 29, 2015

The Guessing Game: Guessing Auburn's Opponent's Uniforms

Just recently, adidas and Louisville revealed what the Cardinals would be wearing in Atlanta against Auburn to open up the season. The night of the reveal, I attempted to render the new "Uncaged" uniforms on a Photoshop template, and shortly after thought about rendering all of Auburn's opponents this season, and make a short "uniform prediction" type post before the season starts. Now, just like the last two seasons, I will continue to do weekly uniform previews, so this post does not replace that at all. I will go into more detail regarding each team's uniform options prior to the week they face Auburn.
(Disclaimer - I do not own any of these templates, let alone the logos.)

These are the new Auburn uniforms on the newest Under Armour template. If you can't see any differences between these and the past uniforms, you can read about it here.

We already know what one opponent will be wearing this season. Louisville will be wearing some crazy uniforms with chrome grey details and a helmet with a realistic cardinal illustration (what I'm calling for now on Lazer Chicken) rather than their typical bird-teeth logo.

The first game at Jordan-Hare Stadium this season will be the first time ever that Auburn and Jacksonville State face off against each other. Looking through some photos from last season, the Gamecocks have a few different helmet options to chose from for the game. With a small school based in Alabama traveling to Auburn for the first time, I would expect JSU to put on their best wear for the occasion.

Game three features Auburn traveling to Louisiana, where LSU has worn their white uniforms for many years. Unless LSU and Nike decide to unveil a new alternate uniform, like they did a few years ago, then the blue-vs-white streak will continue.

Back at home, Auburn will play host to Mississippi State for game four. MSU is expected to have white versions of their DWS 100 Year throwbacks from last year. It would be nice to see them replace the oversized M logo on the pants with stripes that match the jerseys for this upcoming season though.

San Jose State makes the trip to Auburn two years in a row. With two pairs of helmets, three jerseys and three pants, the Spartans could easily wear something different than they did last year. And hopefully they wear their yellow pants to have some difference from last year's game in which they wore blue pants.

Following a week off, Auburn travels to Kentucky for a Thursday night game. Kentucky has been the posterboy of the SEC in regards to different uniform combinations. If there's ever a time for a program like Kentucky to break out a new uniform, it would be a national televised Thursday night game. Even with that possibility, I'm hoping the Wildcats go with their best looking uniform combo.

Auburn travels to Arkansas for the seventh game of the season. Arkansas got new uniforms last year, and broke them out in Auburn in week one. This season, Auburn will be in the all-whites and get a look at Arkansas's red threads.

Back home again, Auburn plays host to Ole Miss. Ole Miss redesigned their uniforms a few years ago, and it was honestly a downgrade. The numbers desperately need outlines. Just to have some more contrast, I'd like to see the Rebels wear their red accented tops against Auburn's blue uniforms. It would be nice to have a stripe on the pants though.

The first weekend of November sees Auburn traveling to College Station to face Texas A&M. Like most adidas teams, there's a good chance A&M gets some new uniforms at some point in the season. So, the possibilities are high on what the Aggies could wear against Auburn. Once again, I'm hoping for their best combination.

After returning from Texas, Auburn plays three straight home games, with the first being against Georgia. I don't see the Bulldogs wearing anything different than their usual road uniforms. Unless Nike can actually get Georgia their silver britches again, that is.

The second game of this homestand features the Idaho Vandals coming to town. Idaho, wearing a very outdated Nike template, wore a few different road combinations last season. A team that used to playing in a dome in Idaho won't want to deal with any more Alabama heat than they have to, so there's little chance they wear their black pants.

The final game of the regular season, like always, will be against Alabama, another team that doesn't deviate from their traditional uniforms.

This Alabama mock-up is rendered an older Nike HyperElite template,
as I have not yet gotten a copy of the new MachSpeed template.

As the season goes on, we'll see if I got any of these right or not. Regardless on the results, I just really wanted an excuse to play around with these new templates.

With football season starting, and more traffic coming to the site, here are some things you may have missed:

War Eagle!

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