Monday, June 29, 2015

The Guessing Game: Guessing Auburn's Opponent's Uniforms

Just recently, adidas and Louisville revealed what the Cardinals would be wearing in Atlanta against Auburn to open up the season. The night of the reveal, I attempted to render the new "Uncaged" uniforms on a Photoshop template, and shortly after thought about rendering all of Auburn's opponents this season, and make a short "uniform prediction" type post before the season starts. Now, just like the last two seasons, I will continue to do weekly uniform previews, so this post does not replace that at all. I will go into more detail regarding each team's uniform options prior to the week they face Auburn.
(Disclaimer - I do not own any of these templates, let alone the logos.)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 WCWS Uniform Recap

The latest edition of the Women's College World Series has wrapped up, and congratulations to Florida for winning it all for the second straight year.

I was lucky enough to make the trip to Oklahoma City to follow the first ever appearance by the Auburn Tigers. After watching many games in person at the stadium, and the rest of the games at home, I got to see many different uniforms hit the field at ASA Hall of Fame Stadium. Here, you'll get a look at each uniform worn by each of the eight teams. 

All photos and logos are owned by their respective parties.