Monday, November 3, 2014

Auburn - Texas A&M Uniform Preview

The cardiac kids are back. Classic Auburn, giving everyone a heart attack at the end of games, just to pull out the win. And boy, we all just hate the way it ended up. Prayers to Laquon Treadwell.

Now, to this week. Auburn hosts Texas A&M for the third annual Military Appreciation Day. And thankfully Auburn celebrates the military much better than some other schools try. The inaugural celebration of the day was in 2012, and Auburn wore a special decal on the helmets, as well as having a red, white and blue ribbon painted on the field. That same logo design made it's way onto some apparel, naturally.

Oddly enough, for the 2013 edition of Military Appreciation Day, Auburn didn't wear the helmet decals. Though the ribbon returned to the field, and more merchandise hit the shelves, the helmets were untouched. This year, Auburn has released another two shirts for this weekend. Take a look -

These new shirts can be yours for just $32.95!
It'll certainly be interesting to see if Auburn does anything new and different this year, let alone if the decals return to the helmets.

Onto the opponent. Texas A&M is no stranger to adidas's alternate uniform games. They've worn countless different uniforms, I've lost count. It seems like adidas, and especially for Texas A&M, provide more alternates for road games than any other manufacturer, or at least that's how it seems to me. The Aggies wore a new "Icy White" uniform against Mississippi State earlier in the year. And yes, there is a chrome Texas outline on the chest. Also, check out the helmets. They transition from matte white to chrome at the bottom, complete with a chrome decal -

Texas A&M also wore the most beautiful throwbacks this past weekend, mainly because of the helmets. HydroGraphics, Inc - who does helmets for Oregon, Oregon State, Notre Dame, etc. - can do no wrong in my eyes with their designs. They made a modern version of a 1939 leather helmet, complete with rust and dirt, for whatever reason. The Aggies won the 1939 National Championship, hence the celebration. It would be wonderful if they wore these this weekend in Auburn, but I wouldn't put any money on it.

The past two Auburn - Texas A&M match-ups haven't featured any new uniforms, just TAMU wearing their traditional maroon or white jerseys, for home and away games respectively. Because of that, and that their equipment team's twitter page, or adidas for that, haven't posted anything for this week's game makes me think it'll be another traditional uniform match-up (I'm writing this Sunday, so it's possible any news will come out this week). The last time Texas A&M made a trip to Jordan-Hare was in 2012 (hurts, I know. I was there), and they wore their maroon helmets and pants for the game. Although I think their white-maroon-white look is their best, that won't work on the road, obviously. If they don't wear maroon-white-maroon like they did last time, I'd love to see them wear all white against Auburn.

On a side note, Gus Malzahn wore the orange retail version of his Ditka-style sweater vest against Ole Miss last weekend. If you were like me, you were wondering what the little pin was on Gus's vest. Well, turns out it is the National College Football Day pin. Here's a look at their logo, as well as a mock up of Gus's vest.

Another side note - if you haven't already, check out my special piece over at College & Magnolia. I had the privilege to interview the VP of Design and Development at Russell Athletic about their new CarbonTek shoulder pad system, in which Dana Marquez, Auburn's head equipment manager, helped design. It's certainly worth your time!

I know I've been talking about some new content on the site, and a piece about Gus's vests is in the works as well. I really hope to get some more uniform pieces up as well really soon. I have at least two sports to work on that I hope to have up before the end of year.

War Eagle!


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