Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Auburn - Ole Miss Uniform Preview

The biggest game in the Auburn - Ole Miss rivalry is going to be massive this Saturday night. The #4 Auburn Tigers (6-1) travel to Oxford, MS to take on the #7 Ole Miss Rebels/Land sharks/Black Bears/ Admiral Ackbar (6-1). We could go through the individual match ups and predict the outcome of the game. But that's not what this site is for. There's plenty of game prediction/break down posts across the internet. We do something different here.

The first Auburn - Ole Miss game was played in 1928, in Birmingham, with the Rebels winning 19-0. Auburn leads the series 28-10. For the majority of this series, both teams have worn the same uniforms for the most part. Probably the biggest change over the years was switching away from the powder blue helmets to the navy helmets. In fact, they've done just that twice. The first switch was some time in the 1970s. They then changed back to the powder blue in 1983, and stayed with those lids until the after the 1994 season. Beginning with the 1995 season, Ole Miss has worn the current navy blue lids up until today, except for one game.

The 2014 Ole Miss - Memphis game was a special weekend for the Ole Miss family. Ole Miss honored Chucky Mullins, a former Rebel football player that was paralyzed after an incident on the field in 1989, and died from the injury two years later. Ole Miss honors Mullins through a scholarship fund, award to players, and many other memorials. Part of the 25th anniversary of the incident, Ole Miss planned to wear helmets featuring Mullins' #38 on one side of their helmets. Unbeknownst to everyone outside the football team and equipment managers, the team trotted out for the game in the traditional powder blue helmets. Just look how good it looks on (Dr.) Bo Wallace with the powder blue compression sleeve -

Unfortunately for the aesthetics of the game, Ole Miss sold the helmets after the game. Each sold for $1,000 and the proceeds went the Chucky Mullins Foundation. Would love to see them wear these a few more times. Especially with the navy jerseys.

Prior to the 2013 season, Ole Miss and Nike revealed a new set of uniforms. There wasn't much different from the previous uniforms, but there were still a few changes. Here's a look at the pre-2013 uniforms

And now the uniforms from the 2013 reveal

The biggest change is that they now have three pairs of pants - the traditional grey, and new navy and white pairs that feature "REBELS" down the pant leg. Also, they removed the outline around Ole Miss on the chest. Small change, but makes a big different. Also, the grey tops are no longer available. Hopefully Ole Miss will wear their grey pants, as I hate any pair of pants that have any writing down the leg like that.

As for Auburn, I think it's pretty safe to say the traditional white uniforms will once again be worn on the road. Although, in 2010 Ole Miss did wear their no longer available grey uniforms, forcing Auburn to wear blue on the road. But I wouldn't bank on that happening again.

It's going to be a great showdown for sure. Saturday night, 6:00 PM, can't come soon enough.

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