Monday, September 1, 2014

Auburn - San Jose State Uniform Preview

As soon as the ball is kicked off this Saturday, history will be made - Auburn and San Jose State will be playing on the gridiron for the very first time in the two school's history. In fact, San Jose State has only played a school from Alabama once, a 48-3 loss to Alabama in 2010.

As far as the uniforms go, San Jose State recently revealed some new uniforms. The Spartans now have two helmets - the classic blue with a spear down the middle, and a brand new yellow lid. The new yellow helmet is matte finished, has the same spear as the blue lid, but has the Spartan logo on one side, and SJ on the other. They also revealed a new blue jersey and white jersey. The yellow jersey is the same as year's past. In the team's season opener against North Dakota, in which they won 42-10, the Spartans broke out their new blue tops, paired with the blue lids and yellow pants.
Barring anything crazy coming out of Auburn, it's easy to expect the Tigers will be wearing the traditional home blue jerseys, paired with the white helmets and pants. Last year, I documented how many players began wearing basketball shooting sleeves. Well, versus Arkansas, they did the same thing, but this time wearing the white sleeves. I really liked the orange sleeves last year, and didn't think the white ones worked as well. 

It's tough to predict what a team like San Jose State will wear. But we can be certain that their blue jerseys won't make the trip. Unfortunately I don't believe we'll be blessed with a color-on-color match-up with the Spartans wearing their yellow tops. So there's two uniform items checked off. With six potential uniform combinations for their white jerseys, it could be any of them. I would actually like to see their blue-white-yellow combo. I wouldn't mind seeing them debut the yellow helmets in Auburn either, but think it would look best paired with white pants. If we get word at any point during the week about the combination, I'll update this post to reflect that.

Leave a comment below with your guess on what San Jose State will wear!

Arkansas Game Review

Mark Almond,
I'm going to add this into my weekly preview posts. I tossed around the idea of doing a completely different post on my thoughts of the recent game, but thought this could work just as well.

As expected and announced, Arkansas broke out their brand new all-white uniforms. I was pretty skeptical of their new uniforms when initially revealed, but they've grown on me a lot. The matte helmets with a metallic decal looked really nice in person, especially where I was sitting with the sun at my back. The most bothersome aspect to Nike's newest designs are the triangle inserts. I've hated them in all the new designs, but thankfully you really couldn't see it from afar. It didn't look too terrible when you could actually spot it. (Speaking of which, Washington looked so awful Saturday night)

It was a good looking game aesthetically and score-wise. And then the rain...I missed the monsoon of 2009 with the West Virginia game, but boy was this one fun. Soaking wet and didn't care! And we all showed off our singing abilities with the only appropriate songs for such a moment.

War Eagle!
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  1. That's quite an updated look. It's interesting to see all these teams get makeovers with their uniforms. It can really change the feel of the whole team.

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