Monday, September 29, 2014

Auburn - LSU Uniform Preview

When it comes to uniforms, there's nothing more constant than Auburn and LSU. Every single match-up since 1995 has been the same white-vs-blue look we've become accustomed to. The play on-field has also been constant, regardless of either team's record. The Battle of the Tigers is just a few days away.

LSU leads the series 27-20-1, with Auburn winning the first meeting 28-0 in 1901. LSU has won the last three games.

We all know LSU will be wearing their white jerseys, gold helmets and pants this weekend, with Auburn going white-blue-white. Not much of a "preview" this week. So instead, I thought I would go through some LSU uniforms, and answer the question of the purple jerseys.

Before that, some small changes to LSU's uniforms over the past few years. A few years ago, LSU and Nike revamped and cleaned up their tiger head logo. It wasn't until their spring game this year that the helmet reflected the change. The spring game change was just supposed to test it out, but the reactions were so positive that they decided to make the change full time. Another small change are the uniform numbers. After the 2012 season, the numbers were changed a bit. They looked a bit skinny during the 2013 season, so prior to this season they widened them a bit.

LSU wore special Nike ProCombat uniforms versus Auburn in 2011, a game they won 45-10. The uniform featured a new white helmet, a floating purple FlyWire collar, and some armpit stains, coming down out of the traditional UCLA shoulder stripes. The yellow-ish gold was also changed to a more bronze-gold.

LSU has also worn two other alternate uniforms over the past few years. One of which featured a bronze-gold helmet and the UCLA shoulder stripes were changed to Northwestern sleeve stripes. The other uniform (I had completely forgotten about these) had a white helmet with awful striping, a Pelican patch on the shoulders, and super-truncated shoulder stripes. These were worn in 2007 to assist in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

A couple of people asked me about LSU's purple jerseys this past weekend, as they broke them out for the New Mexico State game. LSU's tradition dictates that white jerseys be worn for every conference home game. They also wear the white tops for the home opener, regardless of opponent. For every other non-conference game, LSU dons the rare purple jerseys. The rarest part is that we've seen them twice already this season. I wish more SEC teams would force them to wear the purple jerseys, because they just look so good. 

It'll be a good game and a good looking game, as always. Please, I beg of you, don't drop a "We know the Tigers will win today" line. Be more creative and original.

Louisiana Tech Review

As lackluster as the game was, it really looked good. LaTech came out in their white pants, which I think looks much better than their blue pants. Gotta say, I really enjoyed watching this match-up in person.

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