Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Auburn - Louisiana Tech Uniform Preview

After a tough, grind-it-out win Thursday night on the road in Kansas, the Auburn Tigers head home for Homecoming versus the Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech. These two teams have met twelve times over their history, with the first meeting being a 34-0 win for Auburn in 1941. Actually, Auburn leads the series 11-0-1, with the lone good finish for LaTech coming in 1948, with a score of 13-13. This game has been played four times since 2000, with the latest game being in 2009.

LaTech has had one of my favorite uniform sets for as long as I can remember. The Bulldogs rock the blue and red UCLA-shoulder stripes, with the stripes continuing onto the pants. They also have a really nice red jersey, along with a blue top and blue pants. Thankfully there aren't any red pants at this point. There is a little mismatching in regards of the stripes, as the white pants and jerseys have white stripes separating the red and blue stripes, whereas the striping on the red jerseys and blue tops and bottoms do not feature an extra stripe.

With the uniforms being practically unchanged for many years, the same can't be said for the helmets. Well, the helmet decals to be more specific. In the "not a big change but something that still bothers me" folder, prior to the 2013 season, The helmet decals were changed from a white T to a red T, which I feel gets lost in the helmet too much. Was a much bigger fan of the white T. LaTech has also worn American flag decals a few times over the past year or two. In the biggest uniform change for the Bulldogs, they will be changing their decals completely for the game versus UTEP on October 4th, in which they wear their new(ish) Bulldog logo.

As much as I would love to see a red-vs-blue matchup, I just don't see that happening. We know Auburn will repping the traditional blue tops with white helmets and pants. I think it would be safe to assume LaTech with be going red-white-white, but they've also been wearing the blue pants on the road a good bit as of late.

Auburn announced Tuesday that this game is a sell-out, Auburn's third straight sell-out at home, and fourth sell-out crowd they'll play in front of. Here's to a great homecoming weekend!

Kansas State Review

It was so odd sitting at home on a Thursday night watching Auburn football. It was nice being able to watch many games Saturday, though, without having to dedicate hours to one game. Thankfully, Auburn pulled out the W on the road in Manhattan. Also, it was a pretty good looking game aesthetically. The grey-purple-grey uniforms for the Wildcats looked great under the lights, and Auburn's all whites matched greatly. Auburn continued to wear the white arm sleeves, which really looked great with the all white unis. Hopefully the orange sleeves will make a return with the upcoming home stand.

Also of note, Gus Malzahn broke out the sweater vest for the first time this season. A misconception was that he was wearing the same vest as he wore in the National Championship game, but what he wore at K-State was the retail version of the vest, which marked the first time he had worn that specific vest design for a game. I hope to go into more detail about Gus and his vest in the coming weeks.

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  1. K-State and La-Tech have some of the best looking unis in college football, in my opinion. I love their classic looks.