Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fall 2014 Auburn Gear Overview

Football season is right around the corner. As always, every team and manufacturer has released a whole line of new on-field gear. There is so many different versions of merchandise, many of which look pretty much the same. Today we're going to go through some of the new merchandise and help you determine what's new and what's old, and how to avoid paying too much money for an older item.


There are three new helmet designs for this year. Each comes in a fitted and adjustable version, to suit everyone's preferences. The main "on-field" coaches hat will be this one. These are very similar to two of the previous on-field hats. There's on design that is simple - AU on the front, UnderArmour logo on the side, nothing more. The final hat consists of a new material, as well as a stitching pattern up the front and back two panels. These hats range from $29.95 to $31.95


When it comes to jerseys, the school (or the bookstores, not entirely sure) sends a list of numbers, typically three or four, to UnderArmour to mass produce to sell online and in all the stores around the country. The year, there are three numbers available - the typical #1, a #14, and the historic Bo Jackson #34. White jerseys of the #14 are available as of now, according to Auburn's official web-store. Prices have gone up on jerseys, with adult prices going from $65 to $74.95, and youth sizes went from $55 to $59.95. This year's jerseys are slightly different that last years, with the official descriptions mentioning that this year's jerseys have "plastosol graphics for team name and numbering," whereas previous jerseys had "heat-sealed" or "screen-printed" numbers. 

For the 2012 season, UnderArmour made a mistake in producing jerseys. All away jerseys consist of a navy collar. The 2012 retail jerseys had a white collar. Thankfully UnderArmour fixed this and those were the only ones that had the wrong colored collar. So if you spot one of those in a store, you'll know that they are already two years old.


There's all sorts of polos with an Auburn logo embroidered on them, so let's just stick to the new UnderArmour designs. The designs above are entitled "Ultimate Coaches Sideline Performance Polo". Thus far only a navy and orange version are available, but I would expect a white version to follow. These are priced at $74.95


T-shirts are the cheapest and most worn article of clothing, so of course companies will produce many different designs. Above are just a few of them, with the top design, the "Auburn Football" shirt with the two horizontal stripes, will most likely be the "top" shirt pushed by UnderArmour. There are a number of designs similar to the "WAR EAGLE" shirt that has the bars through the wordmark. The thing about most apparel items is that the online stores won't have nearly the amount of different designs as are available in the many different stores. These UnderArmour shirts range from $29.95 to $34.95.

There are multiple "Auburn Fast" shirts available. The basic, charcoal grey shirt runs at $26.95, while the UnderArmour shirt, with the Auburn Fast and giant AU logo on the back, costs $32.95.

There's also a few retro adidas shirts available, featuring fan-favorite vintage Auburn logos. These each cost $29.95


The ladies have a ton of new apparel options to chose from. Above are just a few of those. And how can you not like the two with the shoulder striping?! These designs range between $21.95 and $39.95. More options available on line and in stores.

Sweater Vests
J&M Bookstore

How could I leave off the now infamous Gus Vests? Well, you can now own your very own vest! Albeit a bit different. The "true" vest that Gus wore during the National Championship game that started a fan frenzy had white stripes with a blue field, whereas the retail versions have a colored field between the stripes. Gus has been sporting the retail version around, so these may turn into the on-field version. That or Gus is making UnderArmour and retailers happy by repping their merchandise. These two both run at $134.99

Now, a new trend within the NFL and college football merchandise is the team-specific "Ugly Christmas Sweaters". Auburn actually two of these available for the winter season. These each cost $65.95.

The 2014 season also coincides with the 75th Anniversary of Jordan-Hare Stadium, so there's a few items with the special logo. J&M Bookstore is selling the below design for only $18.99

And that'll do it for this year's new gear. Like mentioned a few times before, many more items are available for purchase at the bookstores. Many more hats and t-shirts will be available throughout the year. I also expect a few new pairs of shorts to be released. 

One way to know what will eventually be available to the public is notice what the athletes are wearing. Each student-athlete is given a box full of new gear - shoes, shirts, hats, jackets, sweatsuits, etc. Many of the above items (the Auburn Football shirt, possibly one of the hats) will be given to the players at the beginning of the season, with more coming later in the season. Many of the items worn by players in the past were soon available in the bookstores and online. So stay tuned for that.

War Eagle!


  1. The "Ugly Christmas Sweater" on the left isn't ugly at all! They're a huge trend right now. I wouldn't buy one if I wasn't a fan, but I love clothes that match Auburn's uniforms. Thanks for the update.

    Jenn |

  2. I got one of the 2012 white-collar jerseys and I love it. I think it looks so much better than the blue collar ones we wear. When I bought the jersey I was excited thinking the blue collar was going to go away.
    Does anyone know where to find authentic Auburn jerseys? I'm talking about the actual jerseys worn on the field with the elastic sleeve cuffs and everything.

    1. Sadly the Arena doesn't sale old game worn jerseys any more. I bought my white jersey there for $80 in 2012. Last year I bought a blue jersey from a guy on eBay for the same price. I've seen a few floating around over there, but not many lately.