Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 Auburn - Arkansas Uniform Preview

It's finally here! The beginning of another season of the greatest sport on earth is just a few days away! Today also brings the return of a very popular segment last year in weekly uniform match-up previews for Auburn and the Tigers' opponents. Every week prior to an Auburn football, a piece similar to this one will run with a short preview and history of Auburn's opponent's uniforms. It's different from all these other game preview posts, which has helped in its popularity. So, enough of my rambling, let's get to week one!

Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 NCAA Football Uniform Changes

As we get prepared for the clock to strike on yet another wonderful season of collegiate football, teams of equipment managers have been working around the clock to get all the uniforms and such ready for the beginning of the year. New trends have hit athletic uniforms like never before. And with that, many different teams have adjusted to keep with the times. Many organizations claim they help with recruiting, but we know many release new jerseys just for the retail money. Regardless of the reason, there's so many changes from year to year. I started doing this rundown three years ago now, and back then it was just documenting small changes and whatever (single) alternate helmets a team may have added. Now teams are adding 15 new uniforms, a dozen helmet designs, and are able to mix and match for a total of 125 different combinations. Sadly, my exaggerations aren't that crazy. There's already a ton of teams and uniforms to go through, so let's get started.


  1. Alabama – Alabama was updated to Nike’s most recent template prior to the 2012 National Championship game, and they’ve been updated again to the template that Oregon debuted in their 2013 bowl game. Also, check out this fan made chrome helmet for the Tide, that I think looks great. Don’t worry, it won’t see the field anytime soon. But it’s still fun to see things like this and the guy that made it did a wonderful job on it.

  2. Arkansas – Arkansas has truly had some identity crises the past few years. Thankfully Arkansas dropped their awful “anthracite” uniforms last season, and this year they have another new set (they just recently received their new uniforms in 2012 I believe). When these new uniforms were revealed, I wasn’t sold on them. But the more I look at them the more I like them. They aren’t the greatest uniforms, but they are pretty decent. They just seem a bit unfinished with the tusks or whatever on the shoulders and down the pants leg. Also, Nike designed a new Lion King-looking front facing pig head, which was the butt (no pun intended) of many jokes when it was released.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fall 2014 Auburn Gear Overview

Football season is right around the corner. As always, every team and manufacturer has released a whole line of new on-field gear. There is so many different versions of merchandise, many of which look pretty much the same. Today we're going to go through some of the new merchandise and help you determine what's new and what's old, and how to avoid paying too much money for an older item.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ranking the B1G

Today I wrap up the Power 5 conference uniform rankings. There's a chance I may continue and go through some of the smaller conferences, but let's concentrate today on the Big 10. The Big 10 is one of the most historic conferences, as far as football powerhouses and traditional uniforms go.

As always, this list's criteria will consist of everything regarding the football team's aesthetics over the past few years, including special alternates, manufacturer's templates, and more. And again, this list, as well as all the other ones, is my personal opinion about the uniforms. Don't get your feelings hurt because I have one team above your favorite team or think my list is completely wrong. I'm all for healthy conversation regarding these lists, so please, leave a comment below with your own rankings.