Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ranking the Pac-12

Two conferences (and the entire NCAA, kinda) down, at least three more to go. If you haven't checked out the previous two, you can see the SEC and Big 12 here. Today, I'll be ranking the uni-crazy Pac-12 Conference! Now, again, these are all my personal rankings. These don't reflect any scientific research, polls taken from uniform fans, UniWatch, or anything. These are mine. You will disagree with me. And I would prefer that than you agreeing with everything I say. The only thing I hope I do well are my explanations. If they make sense, and you can see where I come from on my thoughts of each team, then I'm doing something right there. Again, these rankings consist of everything about these teams' uniforms; manufacturer templates, alternates, normal uniforms, etc. Let's get going!

  1. Oregon State - If you've followed me at all recently, you know just how much I love Oregon State's recent rebrand. I love the #ReBeaved logo. I love the "beaver tooth" facemasks. I love how each helmet is different yet similar at the same time. I'm not as much a fan of the all orange uniforms as I am the other two. They've already come out and said they will mix and match this coming season, so I fully expect some combinations to look great, others to look awful. That's just what comes with the territory. 

  2. Oregon - I know many people will call me crazy with this. But I do enjoy what Oregon puts together. Some uniforms are nuts, some are great and clean. And I know each and every one of you is interested to see what they come out in each game. That's part of their game; part of how they get you to tune in even for a second. They started this trend of new uniforms. Hate them for that if you want. But it's always enjoyable to see what they come up with next. 
  3. Arizona State - As much as Oregon State was my favorite rebrand of last season, Arizona State was my favorite of 2011. I love what they and Nike did. I love the pitchfork logo, and very few things Arizona State has broken out have bothered me. I do think the oversized pitchfork logo is a good idea, but it does get old pretty quickly. I think a great bit of what they do are great though.
  4. Stanford - As plain as Stanford's uniforms are, I actually like them than many more plain uniforms, even if I do have them so low. And that's because I didn't think the alternates worked very well for them. They already have such a great, clean look. I love the all whites. I just wish they had kept the pants striping.
  5. Colorado - I think Colorado is a much underrated looking team, especially since they went back to the shoulder striping. They honestly look wonderful if they pair the blacks lids and pants or the all gold. I personally love the gold-black-gold look and think that should never be touched.
  6. USC - USC is just a classic looking team. Although I've never been a huge fan of them. And I'm not sure why that is. I just feel bored with USC for whatever reason. Not sure if it's all the hype they always get, or just I've gotten bored with their uniforms. I think if any traditional team could pull of a good alternate, it would be USC. And I wouldn't complain if they got to wear a one-off. 
  7. California - Cal revealed their new look last season, and I was pleased. Anything beats their awful pipe jobs of recent years. I think the matte helmet actually works well for them. I know many people hate the oversized Nike collar, but I'm fine with it. I just really hate the collar outline. It's completely unnecessary. These uniforms would be so much better without that.
  8. Washington - I never thought Washington had an awful look. They were the best looking team with random piping. That's not saying much, but I always felt like they just needed a tweak here or there and they'd be pretty good. Unfortunately, Nike didn't do a wonderful job with their new uniforms. I don't like the shoulder caps, the inward triangles, and especially that they don't have the striping on all but one helmet. The helmets were their biggest strength
  9. UCLA - I completely blame adidas for everything wrong with UCLA. They can't get the "UCLA stripes" correct. They're UCLA's stripes! DO THEM RIGHT! And then the stupid "tire tread" template ruins every uniform they are used for. Let's not get started on the awful alternates either. Hey adidas, get these uniforms right and I'll gladly raise them on my lists.
  10. Utah - Utah is the prime example of UnderArmour not doing anything right for a team uniform-wise. The Utes have actually had I believe three different uniform designs under UA, and will be receiving new uniforms yet again this year, and they're pretty...sad. C'mon UnderArmour. Hire some good designers and let's do some good work here.
  11. Washington State - If anyone tells you any shade of grey is a good shade, they're a liar. There's something completely wrong with Wazu's shade of grey that makes me sick. I despise it with a passion. Thankfully their red and white look pretty good, but they sadly insist on wearing the awful grey. And it's worse with a tone-on-tone logo...Ugh...
  12. Arizona - Here's a team that looked pretty good before Nike got their hands on them. Gradients are bad fellas. Especially in the numbers (which have been changed due to NCAA regulations). Throw in an all red helmet and you're in trouble. Now, be real stupid and add a copper helmet to reflect the state flag and you're just nuts. 

Talk about parody. We have some really good uniforms, and then some pitifully awful uniforms in the same conference. The worst part is that some of the bottom-dwelling uniforms are or were just minor tweaks away from being great looks, but the manufacturers made them worse, most of the times with a completely new look. 

Be sure to check back here on Thursday as we rank yet another conference (either the ACC or Big 10, haven't decided yet)! Please feel free to leave a comment below with your personal rankings of these uniforms and let me know what you thought about mine (be kind, please).

Thanks and War Eagle!

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