Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ranking the Big 12

Two posts in one week? Well yes! It's a busy week here at AUD HQ to be honest. So I'm writing this pretty late Wednesday trying to get it out Thursday. Just as last time, I'm going to rank the entire Big 12 Conference by uniforms, in which I pretty much take everything into account - current uniforms, manufacturer templates, alternates, etc. If you haven't checked out the first installment of this series you can do so here. I'm interested to see what you guys think about this listing. Please leave a comment at the end of this piece with your own rankings!

Next to the SEC, the Big 12 has historically had some of the best and most traditional uniforms in the country. Of course with some recent reallignment of teams and the new infatuation with new, trendy, alternate uniforms, some things have changed. And again, these are just my opinions. Your's will be different. I'd be more shocked if someone agreed completely with me! So let's not state the obvious and say I'm biased like some people said I was in regards to ranking Auburn #1 in the SEC. What else did you expect from an Auburn uniform site? Seriously now? But I digress. Let's get started.

  1. Texas - Texas has some of the best uniforms in the entire country. And like I said about Alabama in the SEC post, there's not much, if anything, that can be done to these unis that could improve them. And that's the true meaning of a classic uniform. But when Texas actually does something different (helmet numbers, DKR tribute) actually looks great! I love the longhorn logo, and even more so with the numbers right above it! Don't ever mess with these Nike. Please.
  2. Oklahoma State - Okie State is a team that didn't have a strong look in year's past. Thankfully Nike did a good job with them a few years back. I never thought the striping was a very strong aspect when it first came out, but it's grown on me. And I love how the Cowboys can mix and match with so many options, yet don't have the Oregon reputation, even though they're basically the Oregon of the South. I love the classic white-orange-white look, and actually enjoy how the use the black aspects. Obviously some combos don't look great, but that's part of the game.
  3. Oklahoma - Another team that has a great, classic look, and would always be number 2, if not 1B, if it weren't for the freaking alternates just recently revealed! UGH! Dangit Nike! Why do this? Ugh...
  4. Baylor - Here's another team that never truly had a great brand as far as uniforms go. And to a point still don't, but their growing one. I'm not a fan of all the chrome stuff, but for whatever reason Baylor pulls it off better than I thought. Possibly because I think they were one of the firsts to do so. I like the modern, sleek look to their uniforms, especially these. The biggest reason the Baylor Bears are so high for me is because I'm excited to see where they can go from here. They have great potential for a great national brand. 
  5. Kansas State - Purple and silver just doesn't even sound like a good look does it? Well, thankfully Kansas State (and mainly Bill Snyder) makes it look great! Just never break out the camo lids again guys, please... (the stripes were camo patterned as well)
  6. Iowa State - If you were to ask me the number one thing I were to look for in a uniform, I'd have to say simple and stripes. And that's what Iowa State rocks nowadays. And I really enjoy their lot of logos, but they've never had a wonderful helmet sadly. Some logos look decent, but it always seems to be a lesser of the evils kinda thing. And I really enjoyed their 1930s throwbacks from a while back. 
  7. TCU - I thought TCU looked pretty decent during the Andy Dalton years, obviously with a few things that need fixing. But I was really underwhelmed with their recent re-design from Nike. Too plain for a team like TCU in my opinion. The wildest part of their uniforms are the helmets. And some are pretty good, some are just bad. I did like the frog skin motif, and actually liked it better in chrome.
  8. Texas Tech - It's not that I hate Texas Tech or anything, I don't. I just don't like that they are like the South Carolina of the Big 12. They and UnderArmour can't just come up with something really great. And I really hate their grey. It's an awful shade, just like Washington State. And some of the helmets are just stupid. As are the unis UnderArmour makes them wear for "special occasions". Although I do like their Lone Ranger unis.
  9. West Virginia - last year WVU got their special uniforms from Nike and ...yea, bleh. Awful number font really ruins what would be a pretty decent set. And I really love that white helmet!! I want to like these so badly, but those numbers make it so tough...
  10. Kansas - I really want to avoid just laughing at the Jayhawks the whole time, so I'll try not to. Do I really have to say more than this? Alright, I will. Good enough? No? Alright, adidas! Alright, I'm done. Can't hold it in anymore. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You guys look like a joke. Shame you can't look like your basketball team. HAHAHA!!! (Seriously, shame on whoever designs this team. It's really sad)

And that'll do it for today! I know my lists are perfect, so tell me how you would rank these. And if you don't place Kansas at the bottom after what they pulled out last year, I'll laugh at you like I did them. Be sure to join me next week as we rank two more conferences!

War Eagle!


  1. Id love to see Texas play at Auburn simply for the aesthetics. Good post. I'm a Tar Heel, curious how you would rank the new uni's compared to the ACC.

    1. Thanks for reading John! To be honest with you, I hated what Nike did with UNC last year. Everything about it just drives me nuts. As much as Kansas made me laugh, North Carolina makes me mad. And UNC could look SOOO good too! That's why it makes me so mad! But I plan to do the ACC real soon, either next week or the week following.

  2. As a Mizzou fan I thoroughly enjoyed your take on the Jayhawks and I can't say I disagree with any of your rankings, if OU hadn't added the alternates, I would have a hard time placing even UT above them

    1. I hate Kansas...well, at least how they've looked the past few years.

      And I agree with you, Oklahoma and Texas are 1 and 1B, and you can switch those around as much as you like. But that alternate looks so bad, especially for Oklahoma, I just can't put them even at #2 as long as those are alive.

  3. TEX, OKL, BAY, OSU, TXT, WV, ISU, TCU, KAN, KSU. Not much analysis from me other than what simply is aesthetically fun for me to watch. Was at the Auburn v Texas game back in the day: REALLY cool visual! I like Baylor for the variations. Texas Tech & West Virginia "just cuz".