Monday, June 30, 2014

Honoring Lutzenkirchen

Tough week to be a member of the Auburn Family. First, Jonathon Mincy, a Senior DB, was arrested Friday, June 27, on 2nd-degree marijuana possesion after being the passenger in a car going 94 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. Then, a much more difficult report was released: Beloved Auburn tightend Philip Lutzenkirchen was declared dead on the scene of his 3 AM car wreck Sunday morning. Lutz was the passenger in a car with four others, none of which were wearing their seat belts. Three people in the vehicle were ejected from the car, with the driver and Lutz dying from the incident. The driver was Georgia baseball player Joseph Ian Davis. The Auburn Family mourned the loss of the fan favorite Tiger with many memorial tweets, Facebook posts, and even an impromptu rolling of the trees surrounding the famed Toomer's Corner.

(IMPORTANT: I am in no way trying to minimalize the death of Philip Lutzenkirchen. This is simply to help get passed the events. People grieve in many different ways. This is how I and many other people have done so.)

Zachary Bland

Monday, June 2, 2014

What if...Orange Jerseys Worked?

It's summer. All Auburn athletic events are over for the time being. And boredom sets in when Auburn isn't playing, well, anything. So today I plan to start a new series that I hope can last through the long summer. This whole series will be based on "What if...?". What if Auburn had done this or that. It will all be based on uniforms throughout Auburn's history, mainly the football program. So let's get to the first installment of this new series.