Friday, February 14, 2014

More Old Auburn Gear

I was thinking about making this a monthly post or something, but after the last one went live, I got so many more entries. I love seeing the old gear, so I couldn't wait til next month or so to share! Some of these are just too great not to share with the interwebs. Hope you enjoy as much as I have!

I'll begin with Randy Comer, who has sent me some awesome information and pictures over the past so while. These first two pieces will be from Randy. This first one is an awesome 1990's baseball jersey that looks pretty similar to my 2005 jersey and 2006 vest.

This thing is awesome. But it certainly can't compete with Randy's baseball hat from the 70s, when Randy walked on to the baseball team. This thing is just a beauty:
This next picture is from Richard Stephens. Richard's father, Carl, was the PA announcer in the past and worked along side coach Shug Jordan on the Auburn Football Review Show. Richard found a few pictures of his father during his career, and this is one of my favorites. Take some time and look at some of his other pictures. They're worth your time. Richard is still trying to determine the game and date of this picture, so if you see anything in here that could help pinpoint that, let him know!

 The next piece of gear is from James Coker. James, or De Swayze as he's called around here, sent in two awesome autographed footballs. One has the signatures from Quinton Groves, and a little note from coach Tommy Tuberville. The other one is a personalized signing from coach Gus Malzahn. (Looks like mine pal!). I was so excited to see this picture, because Quinton Groves was always one of my favorite Auburn players. I was ecstatic when my Jacksonville Jaguars drafted him! I even have his #93 jersey in my closet back home!
I'm going to end this post with by far one of my favorite pictures. AuBurntOrange sent me this AUSOME 1972 jersey!! This jersey was apparently worn by Miles Jones that season. He told me that he had walked on the football team in the 70s, and saw equipment managers taking full boxes of uniforms and throwing them in the dumpster. So he did what any smart man would do; he jumped in and saved them! Unfortunately, he gave them all away (and didn't save me one!!). But anyways, I absolutely love this thing. Message me and I'll send you my address. It'll look great on my wall :).
And that will rap up this rare second post for one week. Check back Monday as I have a detailed look at the women's basketball uniforms. Trust me on this one, there is SO much more about these that you never knew!! I'm also working on some new features for this site. Check back here and follow me on twitter and you'll eventually learn exactly what I mean!

War Eagle!

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