Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Auburn Baseball Tracker Week 1

     So it's finally here! The new feature I've been waiting to share with you guys. I've been so excited to start this project and I'm glad it can finally get started. So here's how it will work. If you've ever visited UniWatch.com you'll notice that they have a [Oregon] Duck Tracker that they feature every Sunday. This will pretty much be the same thing as that. Every week I will have a new post that runs probably every Tuesday that shows what the team has worn the previous week. For week one, I've showcased the announced starting pitchers as models. Throughout the season I would like to be able to use every player on the team. So as the season progresses, I'll probably pick the player of the game or someone that made a great play to be modeled.

     Without further delay, here is what the Auburn baseball wore in the opening weekend Snowbird Classic in Port Charlotte, Florida:

-The very first game of the year was won by Auburn and Ortman in a 4-0 win over Indiana State, with Ortman going 5 innings and Justin Camp got the 4 inning save. Great first win for the Sunny Golloway era. Orange jerseys are now 1-0.

-The second game was versus Ohio State, where the Buckeyes won by a 1-0 score. The debut of the new grey set was not a successful one to say the least. Auburn ended up stranding nine runners on base in a close game. The grey set is 0-1 to start their career.

-Auburn defeated UConn 7-3 in the final game of the Snowbird Classic in Florida. Freshman Keegan Thompson started his first game and had a no-hitter through five innings.

The white jerseys are the only ones that have names on back. The orange and grey sets do not. The NOBs in the picture above are for identification of the pitchers only.

So the total records per each uniform combination are as follows:

  • Orange jerseys, white pants, stripped stirrups            1-0
  • Grey jerseys, grey pants                                            0-1
  • White jerseys, white pants, plain stirrups                    1-0

And that will wrap up the first edition of the brand new Baseball Uniform Tracker. The first home game of the season is tomorrow, Wednesday, February 19, at 3pm. Be sure to check out Coach Golloway's home debut!

War Eagle!

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