Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Auburn Baseball Tracker Week 2

After finishing up the Snowbird Classic in Florida with a 2-1 record, Auburn baseball headed home to host their own red robin tournament. But before that happened, the Tigers played host to Alabama State on Wednesday for the home opener. The boys went with the white on white look for the first home game. Unfortunately, the Hornets from Montgomery played spoiler, winning 9-3, in what was their first win over the Auburn Tigers.
The Tiger Classic hosted Arkansas-Pine Bluff, California, and East Tennessee State. Auburn's uniforms for the weekend are as follows:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dissecting Auburn Uniforms: Softball

For the fifth installment of the Dissecting Auburn Uniforms feature, it's time to give softball some love. Just like baseball, the softball team went under a coaching change during this past offseason. New head Coach Clint Myers (like him already!) was hired away from his alma matter Arizona State. A lot of things change in nearly every sport when a new coaching staff is hired. However, the stick and ball sports of baseball and softball typically have more change than other sports. One thing that baseball/softball coaches have a bit more control over than other sports (say football) is the uniforms.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Auburn Baseball Tracker Week 1

     So it's finally here! The new feature I've been waiting to share with you guys. I've been so excited to start this project and I'm glad it can finally get started. So here's how it will work. If you've ever visited UniWatch.com you'll notice that they have a [Oregon] Duck Tracker that they feature every Sunday. This will pretty much be the same thing as that. Every week I will have a new post that runs probably every Tuesday that shows what the team has worn the previous week. For week one, I've showcased the announced starting pitchers as models. Throughout the season I would like to be able to use every player on the team. So as the season progresses, I'll probably pick the player of the game or someone that made a great play to be modeled.

     Without further delay, here is what the Auburn baseball wore in the opening weekend Snowbird Classic in Port Charlotte, Florida:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dissecting Auburn Uniforms: Women's Basketball

Now that I've completed an over view of the football, basketball, and baseball uniforms, it's time to move on and give some other sports some love. Today will be featuring the women's basketball team's uniforms. Even if you don't follow the girl's team, you'll want to read about this. There's a lot more here than you ever could know. Let's dive in.

Friday, February 14, 2014

More Old Auburn Gear

I was thinking about making this a monthly post or something, but after the last one went live, I got so many more entries. I love seeing the old gear, so I couldn't wait til next month or so to share! Some of these are just too great not to share with the interwebs. Hope you enjoy as much as I have!

I'll begin with Randy Comer, who has sent me some awesome information and pictures over the past so while. These first two pieces will be from Randy. This first one is an awesome 1990's baseball jersey that looks pretty similar to my 2005 jersey and 2006 vest.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Old Auburn Gear

I'm currently working on a few new pieces, and still juggling some new ideas for future series in my head. But in the meantime, I wanted to do something a little different. I put out a call on twitter to have people send me a picture of anything old school Auburn they had. Yes, this is similar to The War Eagle Reader's now all-but-defunct Auburn Relics series, but I didn't even think about that until long after I started receiving pictures from people.

So, the first picture that came in has to be one of my favorites. Former Auburn basketball player Kyle Davis sent me a picture of his awesome old jersey that he wore during his time here on the Plains. I'm a sucker for the old uniforms!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Auburn Logos: Then and Now

     Not too long ago I was on a mission to find the Auburn style guide. Style guides are used to determine what can and can't be done to an entity's logos or wordmarks and such. It's very interesting to me, at least the Auburn one. We usually see these things surface when a team or school goes through a complete rebranding, so they aren't mentioned every day. Among finding the Auburn guide, I found a complete series of official Auburn logos, current and retired. This post will be centered around those logos.