Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from AUD

Have a Merry Christmas Auburn style!

What a beautiful site that is. Auburn and snow, two of the most beautiful things in the world. As beautiful as it may be, let's remember the reason for this wonderful holiday. Our Lord and Savior was born on this day many years ago. As my preacher said this past Sunday at church, this event is so humbling. A GOD that could have just come to our awful world, clapped his hands, and said "Everyone is free of your wrong doings, and can join me in the best place imaginable without doing another thing in your life". But He didn't. He was humbled by being born in the lowest of the low areas in the world with "dirty" animals surrounding Him. His birth was announced to shepards, the lowest of the low and "dirty" people. This GOD took the hard way. He brought himself down to our level, like an adult speaking to a child on their level, to save us from ourselves. And then DIED for us. Was murdered, for our sake.

Now, I am in no position to preach, because I have such a long way to go. But I'm at least trying.

Now, let's enjoy some Auburn Christmas lights!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and holiday weekend!!

My Christmas gift to all of you will be dropping tomorrow, with my BCS National Championship Uniform Preview!

War Eagle, God Bless, Merry Christmas!

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