Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 SEC Championship Game Uniform Preview

Let me just start by saying I LOVE AUBURN! Man, Saturday night was such a blast. Storming the field like we did will forever be a wonderful memory. On to Atlanta!

I could go on and on about the miracles in Jordan-Hare this year, the pageantry of this team, and the turnaround from last year to this. But that's not what I'm here for. I'm here to inform you about uniforms. So let's get to it.

Hello Atlanta! Even before I thought about typing this, the Georgia Dome was prepping the turf for this weekend's game. Paint is going down in the endzones and on the 25 yardlines. Helmets are being packed up for the weekend as well.

For a game like this, the home and away teams alternate every other year. In 2010, Auburn was the visiting team. This year, Auburn will be the home team, so that means they'll be wearing the traditional blue tops. There was an addition to the uniforms this past week at the Iron Bowl. If you remember, at the Texas A&M game, Auburn was given new arm sleeves to wear. Well, not long after, the basketball team received new shooting sleeves. Chris Denson told me that they were given the same design for all three uniform colors. Well, the football team broke out the orange sleeves before the basketball team (they've only worn the white ones).

Since Auburn will be considered the home team, then that leaves Missouri as the away team. Coming into their first year in the SEC last year, Nike completely renovated their uniforms from top to bottom. This year, they even received a new matte and chrome helmet. So picking a uniform for this team to wear this weekend will be a little tricky. I believe the away team is forced to wear a white jersey, so that helps out. Unfortunate too, cause I'd love to see a blue on yellow game! Anyways, Mizzou has three helmets and four pants to chose from. We know that we'll more than likely see these white uniforms, which are annoying by themselves with those shoulders.

So if you're Missouri, and you are playing in your first SEC Championship game (only two years in the league as well), what do you chose to wear? Ultimately, it comes down to a few things. Which helmet designs are in condition to be worn? Same for the pants. And a lot of teams that wear so many uniforms like this allow the team, usually the seniors, to chose what they would like to wear.

If I were to guess what Missouri will wear, I would place money (just a little bit) on these.

I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever if they change it up a little. Maybe use one of the other two helmets, or break out the yellow or white pants. This is as much of a toss up as there can be in the SEC. I guess we'll just have to wait til later in the week when they announce what they'll be wearing. Hopefully I'll win a bit of money...(I promise I'm not a betting person!)

*UPDATE* Well, I was kinda right. We knew they would vote for the uniform combo, but according to the following tweet, we know that the fans will be able to vote on Coach Gary Pinkel's website.

*UPDATE AGAIN* Well, now we know exactly what Missouri will be wearing. Thanks to the video below...

As you can see, they will be wearing the gold pants with the white tops for the first time. AND a new lid! I actually like this helmet.

No more updates! (Hopefully...)

Well, it's been one heck of a year. Two wonderful games in a row. Let's hope this week is a great game, but not as good, my heart can't handle it. I'll see you there in Atlanta!!

War Eagle!

...Just can't get enough of this...I love you Rod...



  2. Mizzou has 4 sets of pants and the seniors vote on the uniforms every week