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2013 BCS National Championship Game Uniform Preview

     On January 6, history will be made. Auburn and Florida State meet in one of the most historic facilities in all of sports. These two teams used to have a pretty feisty rivalry during the 1980s and early '90s. It's been a few years since these two have met, and what better way to meet back up than in the national championship at the Rose Bowl? This is going to be such a great game. And a wonderful looking game to boot. Two of the most traditional uniforms in all of college football. Let's take a look at what we should expect and a little bit of Rose Bowl history.

     Because Auburn is ranked #2 in the BCS standings, that designates the Tigers as the away team, and therefore is required to wear white or a "light colored" uniform. Well, since Auburn only has two uniform colors, white it is! We already have gotten a look at what the jersey looks like with the patch sewn on.

     I think that this is an awful placement for this patch. Why not put it above the Under Armour logo like in 2010? Who knows, but it just bugs me. Hopefully it looks better on the field than it does in that picture. In the first bowl game of the season, Colorado State, another Under Armour team, wore their patch in basically the same spot, just on the other side. But their stitching pattern is slightly different. I'm seriously wondering if this was a mandate from Under Armour. Or maybe their odd stitching patterns dictate the change.

     Florida State is the designated home team, so we'll be seeing their garnet and gold uniforms with the tomahawk spear logo plastered on the helmet. There's not been a picture of their jersey patched up yet, but when it is released, I'll upload it here.
*UPDATE* Finally got a picture of the FSU jersey's with the patch. It only took til media day two days before the game...

.@FSU_Football posing for #selfies in front of The Coaches' Trophy
     Also, expect to see the typical BCS Championship Series logo on the helmets like in years past. Here's a few different placements of the decal for teams in the past. For Auburn, I would expect it to be placed in the same place as last time, or if anything, on the other side like where the military appreciation logo was placed. I'd place money on same place as last time. As far as Florida State goes, the Seminoles played in last year's Orange Bowl, and placed the decal in the middle of their helmet. I would easily expect that to hold true for this year as well.

     Quick Trivia- did you know that Florida State wore a Nike ProCombat uniform before? It was completely red with a nice black helmet and some odd feather design on the pants. And those awful FlyWire shoulders...Thankfully Nike did away with those. Don't expect FSU to try breaking these out. I'm not even sure if they still have any of this.

     Anyways, here's what this game looked like in 1984 when Auburn and Florida State wore white and red respectively. (I couldn't find any good pictures, sorry)

     What would it look like if Auburn somehow jumped FSU and was wearing blue? Well, thanks to the 1983 game, we know what it would look like.

     Oh boy. Bo in blue with the awesome orange facemasks! Would love to see those back Auburn.

     Curious to know what the field might look like? @NateDawgAU on twitter mocked up a beautiful looking field based solely on these games played in the past.

     History Lesson -So, as has been tradition for Rose Bowl games, teams have historically added a rose to their helmets. Purdue did this years ago, and more recently, TCU went traditional with sticking the rose in the frog's mouth, and Wisconsin went with a subtle motif throughout their uniforms few years back. Now, what if Auburn does this? They won't, don't worry, but someone did mock it up and it looks pretty cool.

     One thing for sure is that this will be a wonderful game. Number one and two facing off in the beautiful Rose Bowl! Probably one of the best ways to send the BCS out with a bang. So ready for this game to get here!

War Eagle!
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  1. Fabulous preview on Auburn's BCS title game jersey. But the BCS logo looks a bit awkward under the UA logo. It should be inverted, like the 2010 season (the 2011 BCS title game). And I personally like the FSU Pro Combat jersey for a few things: 1. the legit number font (which I wish that it should be the official font for the Noles' uniform set, plus a deep shadow shade next to the secondary color trim), 2. the feather stripes. But nonetheless, great review overall.