Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Auburn - Tennessee Uniform Matchup

Oh boy, that was an ugly win. But I'll take that W and am loving being 8-1 in November! And I predicted Arkansas's uniform combo, so there's that too!! Anyways, on to this week.

Auburn makes their second straight road trip this week as the Tigers head to Knoxville to face Tennessee. The last time Auburn made this trip was in 2009, where they got the win 26-22. In that game, Tennessee wore orange pants along with their orange tops, which is a lot rarer of a combination than you would think. Here's a picture from that game:
So, this year adidas decided to give UT an odd alternate uniform, what they called "Smokey" grey. Honestly, I think it was an odd look, especially with the usual helmet. If you're going to do something so different like that for a program like Tennessee, go all out. A grey helmet, or even an orange one with a white "T" would have gone great with those. But they don't ask me...

For the prediction on what to expect, I would expect the traditional white-orange-white look, which is a beautiful one. I wouldn't put it past the Vols to throw in the orange pants in their for good measure. Can't have too much orange, right? I would like to suggest that they may break out the greys again, or God forbid them mix and match an orange top with grey pants (I just threw up a little imagining it...), but I just don't see that happening. The grey set were only worn for Georgia. They would never have worn them for Florida or Alabama. But Auburn is their homecoming game, so who knows what they will decide.

War Eagle!

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