Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 Iron Bowl Uniform Preview

It's time. Time for everything this team has been working for to show why they have been working so hard for it. Time for standing in the student section for every home game last year and staying all game every game to be even more worth it. The game to decide the SEC West. The game that could very well decide the National Champion participants. The Game. That simple.

The Game

Since Auburn was on a bye last week, there was no uniform preview obviously, but I did run an Auburn uniform special post, which can be seen here. Now that it's game week, it's time for another uni preview! Let's get to it.
We all know how this game will look. We've seen it all too often. Old videos, old pictures, awful reminders and wonderful ones. We know this game. And it always looks good. Auburn in blue on white, Alabama in white on white. It's such a classy and traditional look, and you can never go wrong with that. But let's get to some specifics.
In regards to Auburn, you can click on the link provided above to last week's post to learn all you want there. Alabama is pretty much on the same storyline. Last year for the National Crampship Game, Nike brought Alabama into the 21st Century, giving them the new template, complete with huge over-sized collar (look at some NFL teams) and the patented sweatbox, just missing the Flywire collar. People went nuts last year when Nike announced they were unveiling something new for them. This was it. Very much like when Alabama went with the Nike ProCombat a few years back, that only had an American flag patch on a shoulder and extremely subtle houndstooth patterns (which is a complete farce. More on that another day) in the white areas.
Well, that's about it...As much as I would love a color-on-color red-on-blue game, I know that won't happen, sadly. (This is the only picture of a color-on-color game I could find...) We can only hope right?
Quick tidbits- this will be the first time that the game has been played where Auburn will wear blue with the circle SEC logo, and Alabama will wear white with the same logo. First time Alabama has worn their new Nike template also.
Here's what to look for:
Just remember that GameDay will be here, so get up early and get your signs finished! (I have no ideas for signs...) If you're a student like me, we may have to line up at the conclusion of GameDay...Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, stay safe and be smart, and I'll see you and my 87,000+ favorite people in the world come Saturday!
War Damn Eagle!!

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