Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Auburn - Florida Atlantic Uniform Preview

   For as good as last week looked on the field, it was that much better of a game! Way to go Tigers!

But (Coach speak warning), it's time to stop celebrating last week and look ahead to this week's game. As the players study film and the upcoming opponent, I shall go a less serious and demanding route. Let's look at the uniform matchup we can look forward to this weekend!

Florida Atlantic used to have some of the best looking uniforms in the entire NCAA. I loved them so much. Here's what they looked like last time they came to Auburn in 2011-
 Just look how beautiful those are! Matching stripes throughout the uniform (don't even bring it up about Auburn's not matching; get over it!), and gorgeous UCLA stripes on the shoulder. I LOVE these uniforms. Well, in 2012 (thankfully after we played them) adidas decided to change it up. Gone were the stripes, and in were the super ugly templatic wing design and stupid mini pant stripes. Man, those are awful.

Sadly, that isn't all...This year, adidas and FAU decided to change it up even more, and added a new helmet and new pant stripes. Every thing I loved about FAU is no more. And it is such a shame. The Owls went from top 20 (at least) uniforms to the bottom 10. Way to go adidas...Amazing how much has changed since the great Schnellenburger leaves the program...

Sadly, this game won't be visually pleasing like it was two years ago. I was in attendance then, and I will be again this year. I wish we could see the good uniforms from FAU, but we get stuck with the bad ones.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will update next week for the Auburn-Arkansas game!

War Eagle!

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