Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Auburn - Arkansas Uniform Matchup

After another week and another W, we turn our attention to the Razorbacks of Arkansas. Records aside, I have a feeling this game this weekend will be a decent one (for a half at least). For as potentially ugly as the score may get, the on field uniform matchup will be even more ugly.

Arkansas has always had an identity crisis of sorts when it comes to their uniforms. I swear they've had at least five or six different sets since the turn of the century. And what they have now are by far the worst. Arkansas and Nike unveiled this current set last year, but they tweaked them a little this year, but so little no one will ever know unless they were told (it was the color of a helmet decal on one of their helmet colors for what it's worth).

I understand trying to go for the "Razorback" stripe on the shoulder, but it just doesn't work. Unfortunately too. I've never been a fan of silly shoulder thingys, but this is just as bad as it gets. And what makes it worse is they have a full black set. Yuck.

Who knows what to expect with this team. I would bet that the Razorbacks will wear their red jerseys with white pants. I'm leaning more towards them wearing their red lids as well. They have only worn the white lids once by my count this season, so it wouldn't be a complete surprise if we see a White-Red-White look come Saturday.

This is what we saw last year for reference:

The Razorbacks Equipment team has a twitter page, and the Facebook page has posted the uniform combo before this season, so if anything comes up, I shall update in a new post.

Let's show Bielema exactly how real football is played. And how real men playing football dress at that.

War Eagle.

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