Monday, July 8, 2013

2009-12 Uniforms

In 2009, Under Armour released new uniforms for the Tigers. I honestly don't remember the announcement, if there even was one, but this was a few years before I truly began following uniform changes. In what was a bold change at the time, these uniforms were much cleaner and bolder. 2009 was also the first season of hopefully many to come being played in the new Auburn Arena

Double colored collar contrasting with the body color. "Tiger striped" shorts allow for all three colors to be showcased at the same time. Tight "V" shape on the jersey stopping an inch or so short of the armpit. Nicely sized AU logo on back of jersey just below the collar. "AUBURN" and "TIGERS" are written on the shorts above the end of the top pant stripe on the back of the leg. Arched "AUBURN" wordmark on the chest of the jersey. Under Armour UA and SEC circle logo on the left and right chest respectively. UA logo on left thigh, AU logo on right thigh of shorts.

This concludes the second chapter in this very long project. These uniforms were actually the first I made on Photoshop, so I apologize for some of the sloppiness, and the fact that the short stripes are not spot on, which is a tough task, as you can see in this picture.

As I said, the database photo is not spot on. But at least you can see what it looked like in person.

Thank you for reading this chapter. Again, let me know what you think of these uniforms, the way I'm going about this whole project, ways to improve, and please relate older pictures of older uniforms to me if you get the chance.

Thanks again,
War Eagle!

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