Monday, July 8, 2013

2006-07 Uniforms

2006 was the first year that Under Armour outfitted Auburn's basketball team, after signing with UA in December of 2005. With the inaugural design, Under Armour went with something a little different as far as basketball uniforms go.

White or orange piping blazon the jersey and pants, down the side, down the pants, across the chest, and across the back of the pants. Small white or orange block and bottom of V-neck. Small AU logo below blocked off V-neck. Under Armour logo on left thigh, AU logo on lower right pant leg. "TIGERS" written on the back left leg (this seemed to be hit or miss, as it was on some pictures, but not others. Same goes for 2006-07 uniforms.)

(I know the back view of these contain a V-neck. That was in the original template design, and I forgot to erase it.)

Episode four complete. Let's see if I can knock out all of the 2000s and possibly late 1990s by the end of the week.

War Eagle!

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