Monday, July 8, 2013

2005-06 Uniforms

Auburn and Under Armour inked a new contract on December 1, 2005, which meant that the 2005-06 athletic season would be the final season outfitted by Russell Athletic, which was based in Alexandria City, only 45 minutes from campus. Russell's last year was also the 100th year of Auburn basketball, which celebrated the occasion by wearing this wonderful patch:

Auburn played it's first varsity game of basketball on January 19, 1906, where the Tigers beat Tulane 27-17. That year the team finished 5-1-1. The team was coached by legendary football coach Mike Donahue. One of the five wins consisted of beating the other legendary coach John Heisman's Georgia Tech team. Two of Auburn's most important, famous, and influential football coaches faced off against each other, as coaches, in basketball, in Auburn's first year of playing. How incredible is that?
Oddly enough, that patch was the only one that the basketball team wore (other than the Russell Athletic patch on the shorts); no conference patch, no maker's patch, nothing but that. What is a really good looking patch was brought down significantly by the ugly uniforms worn that year, and the year prior. Random is the only word to describe these. Random stripes all over the place. Look-
White or orange striping down the sides, down the shorts, around the bottom hem or the shorts, and near the arm hole. Arched NOB. Brutal number font. Let's just say these look better in this template than on the court. But then again, the quality (and number) of pictures from this season aren't very high...
I know that the colors on the white uniform are correct, but coloring (especially the NOB color) for the blue and orange are just guesses. If you happen to have info, pictures, etc...regarding these, please share so I can update these to the exact specs.
Thank you, War Eagle, and see you for the next post.


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