Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2004-05 Uniforms

Following the completion of the 2003-04 season, Auburn basketball was under NCAA investigation, and then head coach Cliff Ellis was fired. Auburn soon hired new head coach Jeff Lebo, and the Lebo era began. 2004 also marked the year of new uniforms for the Tigers. Russell Athletic created a unique look for the basketball court. New word mark, new font, almost new everything. And boy was it brutal (the number font especially)-

White or orange striping down the sides, down the shorts, around the bottom hem or the shorts, and near the arm hole. Arched NOB. Brutal number font. Let's just say these look better in this template than on the court. But then again, the quality (and number) of pictures from this season aren't very high...
I know that the colors on the white uniform are correct, but coloring (especially the NOB color) for the blue and orange are just guesses. If you happen to have info, pictures, etc...regarding these, please share so I can update these to the exact specs.
 This now completes seven different uniforms that were worn by Auburn. Just wait, the older ones are even weirder.
War Eagle!

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