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I know the next set in order would be from 2003-04, but I'm still working on those. So, we shall skip to the great season of 1999-2000. What would be a season full of wins, amazing dunks, an SEC Championship, and a Sweet 16 appearance, Auburn showed up in what were certainly some unique uniforms. Auburn actually had three different designs of uniforms. Not just three different colors, but different designs. Check it out-

As you can see, none of these are the same, as it is the norm today. The orange uniform has a wide white stripe, with sweeping blue stripes, on ONE side of the uniform (much like the 2013 uniforms, which I thought were the first to feature this.). The white uniform features tiger striped collar and armholes, with an odd AU logoed V-neck block. The blue uniform features the same pant and side stripe design as the white, but the collar and armhole stripes match the rest of the uniform, versus the tiger striping on the white uniforms.

The number font matches on the white and orange ones, but the AUBURN insignia on the front matches the white and the blue. The blue set even has an orange AU on the belt, the white set has the Eye of the Tiger logo, and the orange ones have nothing in that place. How odd is it to see a team use such completely differing templates in the same season?

It's a good thing this team won on the court, because keeping up with these uniforms was no small task. Searched through videos, pictures, old Glomeratas, and everthing else.

I chose to feature three different players instead of the usual one because of course, the three different templates, the fact that these three were some of the greatest Auburn players of the decade, and, if I wanted to feature just one player, Chris Porter's #4 wouldn't show off the unique number font, like Doc Robinson's #50 and Mamadou N'Diaye's #34.

I'm still working on the seasons I'm missing so far. Please share some info if you have any.

Thanks, War Eagle!

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